CUPRA e-Racer: ready for the racetrack, with more power and zero emissions

CUPRA e-Racer: ready for the racetrack, with more power and zero emissions

The Spanish 100% electric racecar, based on the CUPRA Leon, will compete in the multi-brand Pure ETCR championship.

Performance, electrification, efficiency and sustainability – four elements that are key to understanding the CUPRA e-Racer. Experts at the CUPRA team have developed a vehicle that is ready to conquer the racetracks of the first multi-brand, 100% electric touring car championship: the Pure ETCR.

Benchmark performance

Performance, we said. The CUPRA e-Racer’s levels are the very highest: its 4 electric motors boast a combined power of 500 kW and can accelerate the racecar to 100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds, with a single gear. It can reach a top speed of 270 km/h. The team of specialists and engineers developed the race car from the new CUPRA Leon, which features a particularly streamlined design.

The chassis is completely new, and the e-Racer is 50 millimetres longer. The floorpan and moving parts of the body are all standard features. The bumpers, door sills, wheel wings and spoiler, on the other hand, are all newly designed. In addition, aerodynamic elements such as a front splitter have been added.


The super battery

One of the new features of the CUPRA e-Racer is its expanded battery capacity: weighing 500 kilos, it is made up of 6,270 cells and features a new interior layout with better cooling. Charging times have been optimised and now stand at around 50 minutes.

“We’ve taken a step forward in safety, as we’ve worked on improving the battery’s resistance to impact and intrusion�, explains Xavi Serra, the head of Technical Development at CUPRA Racing. The electronic system has also been completely redesigned.


Rigid and safe

Several elements have been reconfigured to compensate for the new battery protection structure and the extended 50 millimetres. The weight of many of the components has been optimised. Internally, the bodywork also features significant changes.

The safety arc has been reinforced for added safety, and there are also new components, ensuring a better level of rigidity and torsion.


A bold and sophisticated look

The e-Racer features a distinctive new look, with copper-coloured wheels and a combination of white and blue petrol paintwork. The CUPRA DNA combines perfectly with the streamlined approach, and its distinctly dynamic look emphasises the vehicle’s characteristics.

The CUPRA e-Racer is ready to compete on the Pure ETCR racetracks, with Mattias Ekström and Jordi Gené as official drivers. “The e-Racer was the benchmark for creating an international multi-brand competition. From a technical point of view, we have paved the way�, says Xavi Serra.

Source: SEAT S.A.

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