Accessibility statement

Volkswagen Group Italia S.p.A is committed to make its MoDo - La mobilità di domani secondo il Gruppo Volkswagen website accessible, in accordance with law no. 4 of 9 January 2004. This accessibility statement applies to the website:

Compliance status

Partially compliant

This website is partially compliant with the requirements of Appendix A of standard UNI CEI EN 301549 due to the cases of non-compliance listed below.

Non-accessible contents

The contents listed below are non-accessible for the following reasons

a) non-compliance with law no. 4 of 9 January 2004.

- Perceivable: some components do not present textual alternatives that can be used according to the users' needs: images without alt text, media without descriptive identification for non-textual content, headings that are not properly hierarchised. In the body of the pages, links are distinguishable only by use of colour, and in some cases, text and non-text contents have insufficient minimum contrast in relation to the required parameters.

- Usable: some site functions are not usable from the keyboard, e.g. the Glossary page, the content 'share' and the 'Open Charge Map' interface components. There are no ways to skip content blocks and modals do not receive focus in an order that preserves meaning and operability with the content on the page. The purpose of some links may be unclear to users of assistive technologies, e.g. the 'read more' insights and the group of links for sharing on social networks. When navigating through the content of the pages from the keyboard, the focus is not clearly visible on the image links of the articles, the link in the 'see all topics' tags group and the components of the 'Open Charge Map' page, when navigating the latter from the keyboard, it is not possible to exit the content in the same way.

- Understandable: In the Newsletter form, headers are not explicitly associated with their own tags by ID and For

- Robust: Parsing errors were detected in the code validation: duplicate IDs, invalid attributes, open and not closed tags. For some interface components, the name and role is not programmatically set, e.g. for the navigation components of the 'Glossary' page, for the component that manages the pagination of tabs, for link groups that do not have a visible label, for the Iframe on the 'Open Charge Map' page that does not have a 'title' attribute set.

Writing of the accessibility statement

This statement was written on 03/11/2022.

The information in the statement is based on an assessment carried out by a third party.

The statement was last reviewed on 18/09/2023.

Reporting modalities and contact details of the reporting entity

In the event of a lack of conformity with the principles of accessibility being detected, including in the navigation of third party content over which Volkswagen Group Italia does not exercise direct control, the user may send a report to the following email address: indicating the URL of the site, the pages considered to be non-compliant and stating the reasons for the report.

In the event of an unsatisfactory response or no response within thirty days of the above request, the interested party may forward a report in the manner indicated on the AgID website.

The person responsible may be contacted at the above email address.

How to send notifications to AgID

In the event of an unsatisfactory response or no response within thirty days to the notification or request, the interested party may submit a report using the following link:

Information on the website

Date of publication of the website: 25 May 2018

Usability tests have been carried out: no

CMS used for the website: Proprietary CMS

Structure information

The company annually declares the number of employees with disabilities in the annual report ex L.68/99 filed with the “Collocamento Mirato della Regione Veneto”. 

All the workstations dedicated to people with disabilities available in the company currently do not require any particular further adaptations.