Pushing creativity beyond the limits: the design of CUPRA Tavascan

Pushing creativity beyond the limits: the design of CUPRA Tavascan

This model leads the way for the brand's future design language with innovative elements such as the three-triangle light signature, the illuminated logo, and the supporting 'central spine' of the exposed dashboard.

The history of each new model begins with an exercise in creativity by the designers, drawing the lines. In the beginning, there are no limits to the ideas concerning styling: the car must stand out, catch you off guard, and lead the way for a new generation of design for the Brand. At this initial stage it is still too early to say whether this model will remain a source of inspiration for the future of the brand or whether it will become something real, to touch and drive on the road.

CUPRA Tavascan has been both. In 2019 it debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show as a concept car, surprising with its bold lines and innovative design; four years later, when it had its world premiere in Berlin as a production model, it amazed everyone once again: it has not lost an ounce of its essence and has retained the CUPRA spirit, summed up by the thought "if we can dream it, we can create it."

Going beyond the limits

When Jorge Diez, CUPRA's Design Director, and his team began designing the shapes for a new proposed electric coupé SUV, they already knew that they would be considered too bold. "When you want to create something unique and with a strong personality, you can't please everyone. It would mean losing your identity, and that's not what we do at CUPRAexplains Diez. "As designers we have to push the boundaries and follow our own way, without thinking about what people might say. That's exactly what we did with CUPRA Tavascan: It’s not a response to change; it’s the vehicle itself that creates it."


Jorge Diez, CUPRA's Design Director

Unique character

CUPRA Tavascan is the second 100% electric car of the Spanish brand; it is a model with a strong personality and expresses a new way of doing things: "The dark mask at the front gives it a sporty and distinctive identity, which is mixed with the progressive and sculptural design of the V-shaped hood. These two elements create a strong feeling of tension" Diez resumes. Adding to the exterior design is the new expression of the front end, defined by the light signature inside the headlights, composed of three triangles. "This signature is the new icon of the Brand and together with the logo, which is illuminated for the first time, shows the strong identity of CUPRA."

A work of art

If CUPRA Tavascan's body has been sculpted to represent the Spanish Brand's future design, inside, the revolution has been even more profound. The central element that characterizes the interior is the ' backbone .

"For us, it's a work of art we've never seen before, the most iconic element of the interior; a skeleton that supports the entire console, creating a sculptured, futuristic interior" emphasizes Diez. " This is a way to maximize the feeling of space inside the cabin and also through progressive ambient light, creates a unique and original design language."


Never ceases to amaze

The world premiere of the CUPRA Tavascan in Berlin was the result of years of work by a brand that in its young history has never ceased to amaze and takes a step forward with each new model.

For the design team, this was not a simple preview: "Every time we unveil a new model to the public, it is a very special moment for us. It's like a dream come true after so much hard work, and it's just amazing" Jorge Diez concludes.

Source: SEAT S.A.


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