Audi and CARIAD develop the software architecture of future models

Audi and CARIAD develop the software architecture of future models

From electronic sound to driver assistance systems, software is increasingly central in cars. IT experts in Ingolstadt are working to develop Audi-specific functions starting from the CARIAD architecture.

Using a mixed reality headset to see the real scenario while keeping an eye on virtual vehicle information is one of the many experiences of tomorrow's mobility that Audi is developing also through synergies within the Volkswagen Group.

CARIAD - the Group's software company - is working on a unified technology platform that Audi will use in its upcoming models, integrating brand-specific digital features. To this end, the brand with the four rings is expanding its software expertise by hiring 400 new IT experts, in areas related to the future - part of the 2,000 new jobs that will be created by 2025.


Markus Duesmann, CEO of Audi AG

Toward the future

"Early on, Audi adopted a clear strategy on electric mobility and digitization. This approach now enables us to make key hirings now, especially in areas that are crucial for the future. The entire Volkswagen Group is pooling strengths in this regard", said Markus Duesmann, CEO of Audi AG, who went on to explain how it can be exciting for IT specialists in particular to work at Audi, merging the worlds of software and cars.

 "From automated driving to the digital ecosystem: additional software competence will allow us to take our innovations on the road", Duesmann added. Already today's cars have a huge software presence. One of many examples is the one that runs the augmented reality head-up display in the Audi Q4 e-tron.

Software for everything

This is a device that displays virtual and partially dynamic content, such as the turning arrows of the navigation system, in the driver's field of view directly on the windshield. This system provides greater comfort and safety, especially in poor visibility conditions, and works with innovative software, as well as driver assistance systems.

Software is also crucial for electric mobility: it is the basis for the control of power electronics, all systems that impact the safety, efficiency, driving behavior, and ecological balance of cars, and it is also essential for the generation of car sound.


Continuing innovation

Audi is already developing next-generation software applications. Audi activesphere concept is a good example: passengers can observe their surroundings and the road through mixed reality headsets.

These devices allow 3D content and interactive elements to be simultaneously displayed in the field of vision and are individually configurable for driver and passengers. This innovation, known as Audi dimensions, provides an insight into future applications that IT experts are already working on today.

As mentioned, the electronic architecture developed by CARIAD will be integrated into all Volkswagen Group vehicles, with brand-specific features and services: Volkswagen, for example, will bring its innovations to models intended for the general public, while Audi is focused on individual premium mobility.

Sustainable premium mobility

"Our aspiration is to be a pioneer in sustainable premium mobility, so we are looking for brilliant minds with a pioneering spirit and the courage to explore new avenues to ensure our continued success. At Audi they will enjoy the freedom of independent, hybrid work in a highly exciting technology environment", says Xavier Ros, Audi Board Member with responsibility for Human Resources and Organization.

Audi was recently named "Top Employer Germany” for the third time in a row, earning particularly positive ratings in the fields of Corporate Responsibility, Diversity & Inclusion, and Well-being; the results place it among Germany's most attractive employers. Projects such as "better normal" and the company's hybrid working agreement encourage the adoption of flexible working models. In parallel, professional development programs and employee networks promote diversity within the company: more than 100 different nationalities are represented at German locations alone. And what's more, all Audi employees have a job guarantee until 2029, which provides all the security they need to learn new skills in future fields.

Source: AUDI AG

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