Volkswagen Group Technology, technology for the mobility of the future

Volkswagen Group Technology,  technology for the mobility of the future

Volkswagen Group Technology is responsible for the core technologies battery, charging, and e-components; more than 580,000 vehicles based on the MEB platform are already equipped with hi-tech solutions provided by this strategic division.

All electric vehicles in the Volkswagen Group have a central technology supplier: Volkswagen Group Technology. In the case of the ID.7, Volkswagen's new flagship, the contribution of this strategic division determines 40 percent of the total added value, which includes a completely new, highly efficient electric drive generation.

Since September 2020, the Volkswagen Group Technology division has already provided hi-tech components for more than 580,000 vehicles based on the MEB platform, making it one of the largest global suppliers in the world of electric mobility.


Leaders in electric mobility

"Our goal is to be technology leaders in e-mobility as well. That is why we focus on scalability, competitive vertical integration and the further expansion of our comprehensive internal competencies. In doing so, we rely on our long experience in the development of technologically leading, competitive components for combustion technology and on our strong position in e-mobility, which we have successively established over the past years ", said Thomas Schmall, Member of the Volkswagen Group Board of Management for Technology.

The Volkswagen ID.7 sees the debut the new generation of high-efficiency electric drive (APP550) that offers higher performance. With an output of 210 kW (286 hp), it is the most powerful electric motor ever used on the MEB platform, and its high efficiency enables the ID.7 to achieve a WLTP range of up to 700 km.


An innovative motor

The APP550 electric drive relies on an enhanced stator with a higher effective number of windings and a larger wire cross section; the rotor is equipped with more powerful and more resilient permanent magnets. In addition, special electrical sheets and innovative machining processes have been used to ensure better performance and increased efficiency.

The new electric unit was developed in collaboration with Volkswagen Passenger Cars' Technical Development department and will also be used in other models based on the MEB platform. It is produced at Volkswagen Group Technology's site in Kassel, the Group-wide competence center for the electric powertrains that can already draw on 15 years of experience. Volkswagen Group Technology develops and manufactures a full range of other components for vehicles based on the MEB platform; The plants in Braunschweig, Kassel, Salzgitter and Hanover supply the battery system, axle systems and chassis.

The next generation of drive systems

Volkswagen Group Technology and Volkswagen Passenger Cars are currently working together on the next-generation electric powertrain; Volkswagen is taking further components into its own hands and is also developing the pulse inverter and thermal management itself. The next generation of MEB-based vehicles will thus debut the first pulse inverter designed by the Volkswagen Group, which is currently in the final development phase for series production.

Thanks to the modular principles, the entire range of engines, from entry-level to the most sporty with more than 500 kW, will be realized in the future. The next-generation electric powertrain will also bring benefits in terms of cost and efficiency, in the latter case up to 20% more.


Volkswagen Group Technology

The Volkswagen Group Technology division bundles the activities of the entire Volkswagen Group in the areas of batteries, charging, and e-components, and is the point of contact for the subsidiaries Elli (charging and energy) and PowerCo (batteries).

Among the most significant projects is the unified cell for next-generation batteries, which will be produced by PowerCo starting in 2025 and will set a new benchmark in battery technology. The Platform Business department is also integrated into Volkswagen Group Technology and manages external collaborations with partners such as Ford and Mahindra.

Source: Volkswagen AG

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