Volkswagen Group and Enel X, a joint venture for e-mobility in Italy

Volkswagen Group and Enel X, a joint venture for e-mobility in Italy

More than 3,000 high-power charging (HPC) points of up to 350 kW will be installed in 700 locations throughout Italy by 2025. Compatible with all cars and open to all service providers, they will give a significant boost to electric mobility.

Enel X and the Volkswagen Group are joining forces to enhance the electric mobility take-up in Italy. An agreement between the Enel Group division dedicated to advanced energy solutions and the car manufacturer will see the establishment of a joint venture which, in practical terms, will act as a Charging Point Operator (CPO). Its target is to install (from 2021 to 2025), own and operate a network of more than 3,000 HPC points of up to 350 kW in 700 locations throughout Italy.

Charging infrastructure

“In the transition towards e-mobility, the Volkswagen Group’s approach is to take an all-round view of what is necessary. Unquestionably, this includes developing charging infrastructure which is a key element to making electric accessible to as many people as possible,” explains Massimo Nordio, CEO of Volkswagen Group Italia. “To help boost the take-up of zero-emission mobility, we need concrete and coordinated actions with the involvement of all of the players. I think this is an excellent example of that approach.


We share with Volkswagen a joint vision on global electrification of transport, so a partnership with them came naturally for us: the energy transition requires teamwork. The EU auto industry and the energy sector have the required expertise and means to make the energy transition happen as quickly as possible, with the electrification of transportation as one of its main avenues. Towards this aim, we are joining forces with Volkswagen and the overall auto sector in the design and implementation of electric mobility solutions that are accessible and convenient for all drivers, as well as being safe and sustainable.” said Francesco Venturini, CEO of Enel X.

Expanding the network

“Volkswagen’s aim is to boost charging infrastructure around the world. The joint venture with Enel X will install more than 3,000 high power chargers at about 700 locations. This is a big step for e-mobility in Italy and in Europe. By 2025, Volkswagen initiatives will provide 18,000 High Power Charging Points on the continent – this makes up one third of the necessary High Power Charging infrastructure in Europe. Drivers of any Volkswagen BEV as well as any kind of electric vehicle from other manufacturers can benefit from these initiatives.” adds Thomas Schmall, Volkswagen Group Board Member for Technology and CEO of Volkswagen Group Components.

A widespread network

Charging points installed by the Enel X-Volkswagen Group joint venture will be accessible to all users and can also be used by other mobility service providers (MSP) via interoperability platforms. They will be installed in city centres, on the main roads used by commuters and on main extra-urban roads. This means that anyone living in cities without a private car park will be able to use a widespread network of charging points, each one able to recharge a medium-sized car such as the Volkswagen ID.3 in just 20 minutes; commuters travelling longer distances will no longer suffer so-called range anxiety, while other travellers and tourists will enjoy a rapid and stress-free charging experience.

Enel X will support the joint venture with service contracts, making available its technology and experience during the roll-out phase.

This is not the first time that the two multinationals have crossed paths. Last March saw the launch of the Enel X Store in Rome, the first hub for electric mobility in Italy - the result of a collaboration with Volkswagen Group Italia.

In addition, the Enel Group and the Volkswagen Group have joined forces with other companies across the continent as part of the European CEO Alliance, an initiative promoting a zero-emissions future. The alliance comprises 12 companies from a range of sectors and European countries, generating a combined annual turnover of 600 billion euros and employing 1.7 million people. The initiative aims to channel the companies’ decarbonisation efforts by connecting different sectors and strategies, fostering investments and devploying projects in favour of a sustainable economy and society, in line with the EU Green Deal.

Source: Volkswagen Newsroom

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