TOGETHER – Strategy 2025: becoming a sustainable mobility provider

A great history is also made up of great transformations, as in the case of the Volkswagen Group, moving from the status of pure automotive manufacturer to that of provider of a new brand of sustainable mobility consisting of products and services. This transformation is the core of the TOGETHER – Strategy 2025, a detailed program which leads the Group through this moment of crucial importance.

The Volkswagen Group is working to make its products even more eclectic, high-tech and user friendly, with strategic choices which will also lead to the development of new areas of expertise (one example out of many is the battery technology) and autonomous driving systems. 

However, it is precisely because the idea of mobility is rapidly changing that it is essential to expand our range of operations,  including innovative services which focus on the concept of sharing.   After an extensive test phase, MOIA launched its ride-sharing service in Hanover in July 2018. In 2019, it will be Hamburg’s turn. The Volkswagen brand, on the other hand, has announced that from 2019 it will be offering new on-demand products grouped onto a single digital platform, Volkswagen We, including a car sharing service with an all-electric vehicle fleet.

Digitalisation plays a key role in this context – for the evolution of products and services, dialogue with customers, optimisation of company procedures and for anything relating to Industry 4.0.

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