SEAT Innovation Days+, transformation involves all employees

SEAT Innovation Days+, transformation involves all employees

SEAT Innovation Days+, transformation involves all employees

The two-day event, at its fifth edition, featured speeches, hackathons, workshops and sharing between external experts and SEAT and CUPRA employees, who presented more than 40 projects.

The fifth edition of SEAT Innovation Days+ took place in recent weeks, involving more than 14,000 SEAT and CUPRA employees. Two days were dedicated to the culture of transformation and innovation, topics that require the right approach and open-mindedness; continuous improvement was another focus of the event, during which various opportunities for efficiency and innovation for both brands, SEAT and CUPRA, were also explored. During the 2023 edition of SEAT Innovation Days+, employees from different areas presented 46 innovative projects at the summit, in a space designed to share ideas and solutions for services, processes, mobility and new business models. The aim is to create connections and find synergies, to define innovative and efficient ways of working.

Innovation and transformation

"Innovation is at the core of SEAT S.A.'s transformation; in our transition to electric mobility we need to encourage our employees to keep think creatively, providing a fresh perspective that will open doors to new opportunities. The ideas presented demonstrate that we are ready to enter a future for the automotive industry that will be built on disruption, continuous learning and innovative thinking" said Wayne Griffiths, CEO of SEAT and CUPRA.

The two-day event featured talks and presentations from both SEAT experts and external speakers, joined by eight start-ups. They all shared pragmatic and innovative ideas, on topics such as artificial intelligence, new trends and disruptive methodologies; participants had the opportunity to interact, exploring the potential applications in the automotive field.


The Innovation Days+ also included a two-day hackathon, an activity during which SEAT and CUPRA employees were engaged in finding solutions to real challenges for the company by developing new innovative business models. "This event embodies our commitment to a culture that pushes the boundaries of innovation at a time when SEAT is going through the most important transformation in its history. Innovation Days+ is a platform where employees, partners and start-ups can come together to explore new possibilities, helping the company develop innovative solutions that will add value at a time of rapid evolution for our industry " added Laura Carnicero, SEAT's Executive Vice President for People and Organisation.

Artificial Intelligence

Among the various initiatives, at SEAT Innovation Days+ a demonstration area showcased several projects based on the use of data and artificial intelligence. One of these is Data Transfer, which exploits car data to enhance the user experience and create new business opportunities; another is Smart Warranty, an automated warranty analyst that uses data entry and machine learning to increase efficiency and accuracy. Smart Inspection Cobot, on the other hand, is an artificial intelligence-powered weld spot inspection system integrated into a collaborative robot (cobot) to enhance quality control in real time, while AQUA is an artificial intelligence-driven tool for simulating crashes: it provides reliable results and enables cost reduction in the vehicle development process.

 Source: SEAT S.A.

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