SEAT, a new battery cell assembly plant in Martorell

SEAT, a new battery cell assembly plant in Martorell

The 300 million euro investment is part of the PERTE VEC program. The plant will cover an area of 64,000 square meters, will be ready in 2025 and will employ 400 people.

As part of the PERTE VEC program, SEAT has planned the construction of a battery assembly plant in Martorell, with an additional investment of 300 million euros. The initiative is part of the plan that the Volkswagen Group and SEAT S.A. have defined regarding their activities in Spain, a country that is becoming a hub for electric mobility. In this regard, along with sixty other partners, they will invest 10 billion euros in the Future: Fast Forward project, the largest industrial investment in Spanish history. The plan has been shared with PERTE VEC, which stands for Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation of Electric and Connected Vehicles, under the Ministry of Industry.

The Martorell Facility

"We are about to take another step forward in our electrification plan" stated Wayne Griffiths, SEAT S.A. President. The company has presented the project, which will create over 400 direct jobs and an additional 100 indirect ones, for the new Martorell battery cell assembly plant within the new Battery PERTE VEC.
The total investment will amount to 300 million euros, and the facility will cover an area of 64,000 square meters, roughly equivalent to nine soccer fields.
Cells that PowerCo will produce at its gigafactory in Sagunto, near Valencia, will also be assembled here.

Volkswagen Group's commitment

The new Martorell plant, construction of which will begin in the coming weeks to be completed in 2025, will be directly connected to Workshop 10, where some of the Volkswagen Group's electric vehicles, including the CUPRA Raval, will be produced. This proximity will be essential to optimize logistics processes and reduce the carbon footprint of manufacturing activities. "This facility is fundamental for SEAT S.A. and will also provide the impulse to obtain a second platform in Martorell" Griffiths explained. "Our industry is going through a key moment: SEAT S.A. and the Volkswagen Group are committing major resources to achieving sustainable mobility and turning Spain into a European hub for electric mobility".

Institutional Support

"The support of Spanish and European institutions is crucial. As has happened in other countries, it is necessary to create a legal framework to stimulate and ensure investments in the sector, increasing competitiveness" Griffiths added, emphasizing the collaboration between the public and private sectors, which "is essential to accelerate this transformation, and in Spain, some steps have already been taken in the right direction". The President of SEAT S.A. then expressed satisfaction with the Spanish government's measure to provide a 15% personal income tax deduction for the purchase of electric vehicles. According to Griffiths, this initiative must be accompanied by more investments to expand the charging point infrastructure.

Source: SEAT S.A.

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