ŠKODA's GreenWeek, a commitment to sustainability and the environment

ŠKODA's GreenWeek, a commitment to sustainability and the environment

An initiative with a focus on the circular economy, biodiversity and environmental & climate protection, topics that have always been at the heart of ŠKODA's strategy for the future.

GreenWeek is an initiative dedicated to protecting the environment, climate and biodiversity, involving the entire Volkswagen Group through meetings on specific topics and discussion forums. The intent is to provide a platform for company-wide dialogue, highlighting the fundamental importance of sustainability issues.

ŠKODA has always been at the forefront of environmental topics and systematically stimulates the interest of its employees. "Sustainability is a cornerstone of our NEXT LEVEL STRATEGY - ŠKODA 2030. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact even further, and we’ve set clear milestones to achieve this. We are working hard to meet our ambitious targets and are in continuous dialogue with all our employees to identify and undertake innovative approaches. GreenWeek is an ideal forum for reviewing the situation, receiving feedback and developing new ideas", explains Michael Oeljeklaus, ŠKODA AUTO Board Member for Production and Logistics.


Lots of activities for everyone

GreenWeek took place from 19 to 23 September; during these days ŠKODA employees were able to exchange ideas and visions with experts in the field, both internal to the company and external. A crucial topic was current projects, a starting point for discussions aimed at identifying untapped potential in the area of sustainability and raising awareness on the importance of the circular economy. The GreenWeek program was diversified, and oriented, based on various target groups: among other activities, in addition to online workshops dedicated to employees, there were also events for elementary schools.

ŠKODA Design demonstrated all the possibilities offered by sustainable materials and technologies, while the production department provided a detailed overview of all the activities, in the Czech and Indian plants, that follow the principles of the circular economy. In the final days of GreenWeek, the focus shifted to the topics of biodiversity and climate change, including through an "eco-film festival."


Green Future

ŠKODA's sustainability goals converge in the "Green Future" strategy, which includes three action areas: "GreenProduct," "GreenFactory," and "GreenRetail". In addition, with the NEXT LEVEL - ŠKODA STRATEGY 2030 the Company has further raised its ambitious targets.

Production at the Vrchlabí plant has been carbon neutral since the end of 2020, and by the end of 2030 the two plants in Mladá Boleslav and Kvasiny, as well as the Indian production sites, will operate with zero net emissions. A further goal is to reduce fleet emissions by more than 50 percent by 2030 compared to 2020.

Environmental Protection

GreenWeek is not the only initiative dedicated to environmental protection in which ŠKODA employees are involved. The Czech brand has been a partner in the "Clean Up Czechia" campaign since 2015; in April it once again participated in the Volkswagen Group's #Project1Hour initiative on Earth Day; and since 2007 it has also been active in the "One Car, One Tree" project, thanks to which ŠKODA has planted a sapling for every vehicle delivered in the Czech Republic: the one millionth was planted in Mladá Boleslav last October.

ŠKODA is also involved in SWAP, a public event that promotes the exchange of books and clothes, so as to 'extend their life,' and promotes biodiversity around its plants worldwide through numerous activities and measures. And following on the heels of GreenWeek, it also took part in the Volkswagen Group's 'goTOzero weeks' at the end of September: an initiative involving all of the Group's brands and departments around the world, focusing on issues of sustainability and environmental protection.


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