Ewiva, a boost for electric mobility in Italy

Ewiva, a boost for electric mobility in Italy

The joint venture equally-owned by the Volkswagen Group and Enel X Way aims to facilitate the growth of zero-emission mobility in Italy through a capillary and reliable High Power Charging (HPC) network.

Investing in charging infrastructure to facilitate the transition to electric mobility in Italy: this is the joint commitment of the Volkswagen Group and Enel X Way, which has led to the birth of Ewiva.

The joint venture is already operational and to date has installed 750 charging points - some currently awaiting activation - at 233 sites. The expansion plan is to reach 500 sites by 2023 and more than 800 in 2025, for a total of about 3,000 high-power charging points throughout the Italian peninsula.


Elisabetta Ripa, Enel X Way, Eugenio Patanè, Councillor for Mobility and Transport of City of Rome, and Elke Temme, Volkswagen AG

Ultra-fast green charging

The Ewiva points support a charging power of up to 350 kW and are powered by 100% green energy from renewable sources. The charging stations are and will be open to drivers of all types of electric vehicles from all manufacturers, and will be located in city centers, suburban areas, and main roads used by commuters and tourists.

The objective is to guarantee access to the charging network to all BEVs and all e-Mobility Service Providers, so as to enable services that facilitate the user experience both while driving and while charging. Four types of stations are planned: Standalone, Basic, Convenience and Premium - each with distinct characteristics regarding, for example, the number of charging points available and the services available on site and in the immediate vicinity.


Ewiva Premium in Rome, Via Flaminia 871

Ewiva's first premium charging station was opened today in Rome, at Via Flaminia 871. The location includes 14 charging points. The entire area is covered by a roof equipped with photovoltaic panels.

Users can also enjoy an exclusive lounge area with a break area, meeting room, relaxation area and toilet.


Ecosystem for electric mobility

Ewiva confirms the Volkswagen Group's approach to electric mobility and its willingness to make targeted investments in building a complete ecosystem through strategic collaborations with strong partners such as Enel X Way.

Charging and energy are two pillars of the Volkswagen Group's NEW AUTO strategy, which is investing in the development of a global fast-charging network open to all: the goal is the activation together with partners of around 45,000 HPC charging points in Europe, the United States and China by 2025.

For home and business charging, the Group offers various solutions - from wallboxes to flexible Flexpole charging stations. The next step is the integration of the electric car into the energy system, as a kind of power bank, to create additional value for e-drivers.

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