Volkswagen Italy: a new ambassador for the all-electric ID models

Volkswagen Italy: a new ambassador for the all-electric ID models

Francesco Totti will work with Volkswagen Italia, with the aim of getting the general public more familiar with everyday life in a zero-emission car and debunking myths about e-mobility.

Volkswagen's objective is clear: electric for all. And precisely in order to reach everyone, the brand has entered into a partnership with a champion who is known and admired not only in Italy, but all over the world: Francesco Totti.  

Zero-emission partnership

The agreement will last two years and has the objective of bringing the general public closer to everyday life with an electric car, thanks to contents designed to inform and dispel the stereotypes related to this technology.

"It will be a special partnership for me," explained Francesco Totti, "which will allow me to be an ambassador, but above all to promote Volkswagen's new concept of electric mobility, that will lead to a real revolution in our daily lives, making them easier and more sustainable".

For his travels, Totti will use two all-electric models of the ID. Family: the compact ID.3 and the sporty all-wheel drive SUV ID.4 GTX.


Communication and e-mobility

The result of the collaboration will be a communication campaign consisting of a series of creative contents that will inform and at the same time help to dispel myths about everyday life behind the wheel of an electric car.

In his role of ID. Family ambassador, and thanks to his great popularity and ability to engage with irony and simplicity, Francesco Totti will act as interpreter and translator, to make the Volkswagen electric cars more accessible to everyone.

Volkswagen's strategy

Today, the Italian ID. range already includes three models: the compact ID.3, the SUV ID.4 and the SUV coupé ID.5, the latter two also available in a GTX sports version with electric all-wheel drive and 220 kW (299 HP) of maximum power. 2022 will see the launch of the vehicle derived from the concept ID. BUZZ, the 100% electric successor to the legendary Volkswagen van.

The brand's goal is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The intermediate target is a 40% cut in CO2 emissions per car by 2030 in Europe (based on 2018). In addition to accelerating the transition to electric mobility, the production - including supply chains - and use of electric cars must become carbon neutral. This has to be combined with the systematic recycling or reuse of high-voltage batteries from old electric vehicles.

On the way to full electrification of the fleet, Volkswagen will launch at least one new electric model every year.

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