The mobility of tomorrow has a name: SEDRIC

The mobility of tomorrow has a name: SEDRIC

For the Volkswagen Group, the mobility of tomorrow looks an awful lot like SEDRIC: a self-driving electric vehicle which is fully connected and can be used by everyone - even by those who, for various reasons, are currently unable to drive.

With SEDRIC, the Group is redefining the concept of individual mobility by creating an integrated mobility platform which combines level 5 autonomous driving – therefore without pedals or steering wheel – with 100% electric powetrain. An innovative, completely connected platform, which can be used by anyone and also, of course, shared.

Mobility for everyone, at the touch of a button is the “creed” for Johann Jungwirth, CDO at Volkswagen Group. SEDRIC is the ultimate expression of this: it can be “called” using OneButton, a compact device fitted with a specific button, with coloured light signals indicating the precise position of the vehicle. All of this is thanks to its full connectivity and integration with the entire road ecosystem. Once the user has been recognised, the sliding doors open and SEDRIC welcomes the passengers into its passenger compartment – which is more like a lounge, with its spacious size and clean yet totally functional design. Users can interact with SEDRIC in a simple and immediate manner, not just to set the destination but also to regulate the settings onboard.

The passenger compartment, in more detail, is an expression of highly advanced technology and creates a comfortable environment for the users. The windscreen is a large, transparent, augmented-reality OLED screen, which functions as a control centre for the infotainment system. The fundamental difference compared to all other vehicles on the roads, however, is clear as soon as the sliding doors open up to reveal the interior: the lack of pedals and steering-wheel makes the difference, and comfort is the watchword.

SEDRIC was “born” at the Volkswagen Group Future Center in Potsdam, just outside Berlin. It is the practical implementation of the USP project (an acronym for Urban Shared Pod), which was started with the intention of creating an innovative mobility solution that had to be unlike anything seen before.

The goal is Mobility-as-a-Service (Maas), in other words simplifying people’s lives also by giving new possibilities to those who, for various reasons, are currently unable to drive. Just think of the physically disabled – the visually impaired, for instance – the children and the elderly.

On the basis of the different users groups and considering the potential various  uses, the Volkswagen Group has developed different versions of SEDRIC: from the original one to the Schoolbus, the 42 (inspired by the renowned “Herbie the Love Bug’s” Beetle #53) and the Nightlife variants, right through to SEDRIC Active, unveiled at CEBIT 2018 and designed for sports enthusiasts and those who love outdoor activities. A further proof of the versatility of this vehicle and its high level of usability.

Source: Volkswagen AG

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