The eScooter SEAT MÓ 125 Performance sets two Guinness World RecordsTM

The eScooter SEAT MÓ 125 Performance sets two Guinness World RecordsTM

The 100% electric scooter has covered more than 2,500 km in 48 consecutive hours, achieving two endurance records: the first was set by a team, the second by a single rider.

Electric mobility means not only sustainability and efficiency but also performance, as proven the records set by the 100% electric scooter SEAT MÓ 125 Performance on the Zuera International Circuit (Zaragoza, Spain). Here the SEAT MÓ team won a major challenge: a single SEAT MÓ 125 Performance scooter broke two Guinness World RecordsTM in 48 consecutive hours. This success came after more than a year of development and tests on the scooter, which also included preparation for the record attempt.

So the electric scooter stepped out of its familiar urban contexts to test itself between the curbs, proving its quality during one of the toughest endurance tests - that is, two consecutive days of driving with the goal of covering as many kilometers as possible in 24 hours, first as a team, then with a single rider. The result? 2,588 kilometers covered in 48 hours, the same distance between Barcelona and Helsinki (Finland) in a straight line.


Urban and sporty

SEAT MÓ's record-breaking team was coordinated by Quim Martínez, Quality Manager of SEAT MÓ, and Dani García, Micromobility Chief Technical Officer. The two specialists emphasized the quality level of this electric scooter, which was confirmed and reaffirmed by the two world records achieved. During the 48 hours on the track, the SEAT MÓ 125 Performance was camouflaged so as not to reveal its appearance until its presentation at EICMA last November 8.

"This scooter is at ease in all circumstances. The excellent performance recorded in both record-breaking feats is the result of the continuous and painstaking work in R&D, but also of the constant search for quality to improve the product more and more", commented Lucas Casasnovas, Managing Director of SEAT MÓ.

Team record...

The SEAT MÓ 125 Performance achieved the 24-hour relay record in the team test, with a total of 1,430 kilometers covered, more than double the distance of the previous record. The team consisted of five experienced endurance riders, who took turns in a relay race that involved changing riders at every battery change, about every 50 minutes. The drivers who signed the feat were Ivo Viscasillas, a collaborator in the Complete Vehicle division of SEAT S.A.'s R&D department, journalist Judit Florensa, and racers Cristian Marín, Miquel Viñola, and Jordi Gené, who switched from four to two wheels for this special occasion


Riders Jordi Gené, Cristian Marín, Valerio Boni, Judit Florensa, Miquel Viñola and Ivo Viscasillas, with the Guinness World Records™ adjudicator.

...and the solo one

After the first 24 hours in which the five team riders took turns, Italian journalist Valerio Boni took the saddle, riding the same SEAT MÓ 125 Performance. Boni had already ridden 24 hours in a row to earn a Guinness World RecordsTM certificate, but this was the first time on an all-electric vehicle. At the end of the 24 hours, he covered 1,158 kilometers, with short stops to change the battery every hour (or so) and occasional 40-minute breaks.

As he first tested the motorbike, Boni was confident that the SEAT MÓ 125 Performance had a chance to break the individual record-and indeed it did. At the end of the test, he praised the scooter's performance on the track, calling it "simply perfect".


Journalist Valerio Boni

From the racetrack to the road

Guinness World RecordsTM guidelines are strict and rigorous, so getting two records in just 48 hours was a major task. Achieving the goal required a great preparation, excellent teamwork and perfect set-up of the vehicle, which can rely on high-quality components and technology developed with leading companies.

Daily performance

The two records demonstrate the reliability of the electric technology of SEAT MÓ 125 Performance, which also features the eBoost function, which allows the top speed to be increased from 95 km/h in the previous version of SEAT MÓ 125 to 105 km/h for 30 seconds; the system can then be reactivated again after two minutes. Acceleration of the Performance version is also faster: it takes only 2.9 seconds (instead of 3.9) to go from 0 to 50 km/h. The removable trolley-style and easily transportable battery pack has a capacity of 5.6 kWh and weighs just over 40 kg, giving a range of up to 137 km on a single charge (WLTP). The battery can be recharged either when mounted on the vehicle or after being removed, through a household socket. The time it takes to "fill up" when connecting to the home network is between 6 and 8 hours.

Source: SEAT S.A.

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