Ready for e-tron: Audi and Enel X together for electric mobility

Ready for e-tron: Audi and Enel X together for electric mobility

A made-to-measure package offering easy access to zero-emission mobility, with various services dedicated to purchasers of an Audi e-tron.

The road towards e-mobility is increasingly a downhill journey, thanks also, and above all, to concrete initiatives that make it accessible in a simple, immediate manner.

This is the case of Audi which, at the launch of the e-tron, the German manufacturer’s first totally electric SUV, has formalised its partnership with Enel X: an agreement which aims to boost the development of electric mobility in Italy, offering a custom package for purchasers of an e-tron.

It is a set of practical and essential services to enjoy emissions-free mobility every day – and not necessarily only after picking up the vehicle from the dealership.

Inspection and assessment of the existing system

The “Ready for e-tron� package includes an inspection by Enel technicians of the potential customer’s home, even before a quote is issued, in order to assess the charging opportunities and times, on the basis of the existing system, as well as any work required to ensure the proper recharging– which will be carried out free of charge, where necessary.

Access to charging infrastructure

Two ways to Access to Enel X charging infrastructure (the largest network in Italy, with 2,700 charging points, set to grow to 14,000 by 2022) are available: with the Enel X Recharge app or the Enel X Recharge Card. Audi drivers will also be able to book their preferred charging point for a maximum period of 15 minutes free of charge, thus guaranteeing its immediate availability.


Public charging bonus

The package also includes 3,300 kWh of free charging over two years, which is equivalent to an average total distance covered of nearly 14,000 kilometres. This bonus can be used at any public charging point on the Enel X network and is provided through the app or Card, which both “recognise� the Audi user without charging fees.  

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