Massimo Nordio: me and my Volkswagen ID.3

Massimo Nordio: me and my Volkswagen ID.3

Volkswagen Group Italia CEO’s everyday life driving his ID.3. 

I’ve been driving a Volkswagen ID.3 for a few months now, using it mainly to get to the office from home. But I must confess I’m so excited about it that I keep extending the journey so I can discover all its secrets.

I was really curious about the ID.3 and couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel day-by-day; now I can say I’m really pleased with it – and I have to admit it was absolutely worth waiting for.

My impressions? Having already taken it for a few quick spins, I knew that the first impact makes you feel like you’re being propelled into the future, with a hi-tech interior that’s functional and clean. The comparison to a conventional car isn’t really valid – or rather, it’s worth taking stock of all the commands you’re used to that are no longer there on the ID.3. That helps you understand how far the technology has evolved.

Knobs and buttons, for example, have almost all gone. You manage the infotainment and air conditioning via voice controls or through the large touch screen in the centre of the dashboard. Once belted up, you’re ready to go, so you put your foot on the brake – just like in an automatic car – and your hand on the lever behind the steering wheel.

This is another simple, functional feature. You use it to start the car and select the driving mode (there’s no gear knob): D for drive, B to activate optimum battery management, N for when you’re stationary, R for reverse. One click and you’re away.

Silence – and you’re literally pinned to the seat. Again, having driven it before this was something else I was expecting. And yet each time it amazes me. Having maximum torque available right from the start undoubtedly gives you a more dynamic driving experience, but it’s also safer – in cities, especially, it can make a big difference when you’re in a tight spot of traffic.

And talking of city driving, the turning circle is something else that keeps surprising me. In terms of its manoeuvrability and agility it’s like driving a city-car (it’s hard to think that the ID.3 is actually 4.2 metres long – almost like a Golf!). Overall you get the sensation that the ID.3 is a sort of “physical extension”, so closely does it feel part of you: this is mainly down to the low centre of gravity.

The responsiveness, the precision cornering and the instant acceleration are the things that stand out in that regard, but for me everything about the driving experience is simple, pleasurable and rewarding. And there’s no need to learn how to drive an electric car because it’s all so intuitive and straightforward.

I think Volkswagen has blended a host of new ingredients into an excellent formula – satisfying with that extra little something. Predictable? Not at all!

Massimo Nordio CEO, Volkswagen Group Italia


ID.3 – power consumption in kWh/100 km (NEDC): 15.4-14.5 (combined); CO2 emissions in g/km: 0; efficiency class: A+

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