Innovation and sustainability: Å KODA Seat Covers made from recycled plastic

Innovation and sustainability: Å KODA Seat Covers made from recycled plastic

Å KODA is working with suppliers and the scientific community on innovative materials derived from recycled plastic. This is how seat fabrics for production cars, such as the 100% electric ENYAQ iV SUV, are created.

Goodbye to traditional textile seats and make way for innovative materials made of wool and recycled plastic, which are both more comfortable and sustainable. Å KODA AUTO took this path when it decided to leave traditional equipment to make way for the Design Selection Lodge in the electric ENYAQ iV, in which recycled polyester made from plastic bottles is combined with wool.

The Czech brand's aim, in cooperation with suppliers and the scientific community, is to produce environmentally friendly, durable and recyclable materials for use in production cars.


Circular economy and sustainability

In the future, Å KODA AUTO's procurement processes will place even more emphasis on sustainability and the circular economy along the entire value chain.

Markéta Truhelková, Interior Purchasing Coordinator at ŠKODA AUTO, emphasises: “The consistent use of sustainably produced materials in our current vehicles is changing the requirements in the Purchasing division and therefore also the demands on our suppliers. That's why, true to our Simply Clever ethos, we are working together to develop sustainable and innovative materials that stand up to everyday use, are easy to work with and create attractive design accents�.


Working with suppliers

Å KODA AUTO has always considered sustainability in the procurement of materials and components as a priority, and in this it involves its supply partners along the entire supply chain.

The car maker, for example, has been working for several decades with Czech supplier Sage Automotive Interiors, which develops innovative materials used in series production. These include fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles, which are used for the Design Selection LODGE covers of the 100% electric Å KODA ENYAQ iV SUV.

Working closely with the Technical University of Liberec, the company also develops fabrics made from special fibres that act as seat heaters and improve comfort, as well as special reflective yarns.


Recycled plastic for the interiors

The manufacturer AUNDE also produces technical textiles from recycled PET bottles and wool for the Å KODA ENYAQ iV. The bottles are crushed, melted and processed into granulate, which is used to create a durable yarn. Once on the loom, 6,000 such threads are transformed into a durable fabric according to the specifications of Å KODA's interior designers. The material is then washed and dried to give it the required stability.

Source: ŠKODA

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