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From the road to the track, right to the sea: the hybrid yacht inspired by CUPRA

From the road to the track, right to the sea: the hybrid yacht inspired by CUPRA

CUPRA and De Antonio Yachts have unveiled an electrified version of the D28 Formentor yacht that uses hybrid technology to cruise in zero emissions mode in restricted areas.

CUPRA's commitment to sustainability and performance goes beyond the road and the track, reaching even the sea, thanks to the partnership with De Antonio Yachts. Out of this partnership came the D28 Formentor e-HYBRID, the Catalan brand's first electrified yacht.

CUPRA and De Antonio Yachts have been collaborating since 2020, when they jointly presented a 400-hp showboat capable of reaching a maximum speed of 40 knots, which stood out for its dynamic design, characterized by straight lines and unconventional colors, with a Petrol Blue hull and several black and carbon fiber accents.

Between land and sea

"We love bringing our performance to other territories. De Antonio is the perfect partner for being the unconventional challenger in a completely different environment, the sea. Now, with the hybrid version of the D28 Formentor which will be officially presented to the public at the beginning of 2023, we are taking that extra step ", explains Antonino Labate, Global Director of Strategy, Business Development & Operations at CUPRA.

CUPRA and De Antonio Yachts worked together in defining the design of the new D28 Formentor, a high-performance yacht inspired by the first model uniquely designed and developed for CUPRA, namely Formentor.


Zero emissions

The propulsion system consists of a 400PS engine and two retractable electric motors of 15 kW each, creating a hybrid system with which the yacht can also sail in full electric mode. In this case, the D28 Formentor can thus navigate in zero emissions in restricted harbors and lakes, without polluting the water and with very low acoustic emissions. Aesthetically, it combines Graphene Grey paint, available in the CUPRA color range, with a synthetic teak deck and grey upholstery.

CUPRA and De Antonio Yachts are both committed to innovation in their respective fields, and through their collaboration they reinforce their commitment to creating more environmentally friendly vehicles, both on land and at sea. CUPRA aims to create a distinctive universe of experiences around the car that can represent the brand's lifestyle.

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