Elli launches an intelligent charging solution for electric fleets

Elli launches an intelligent charging solution for electric fleets

Elli Fleet Charging manages the charging of the fleet's electric vehicles at home, in public and at work, allowing real-time cost monitoring in a simple and transparent way.

Elli is the Volkswagen Group company focused on charging and is one of the leading service providers for electric mobility in Europe, offering a wide range of products and solutions. Among these is Elli Fleet Charging, the solution for companies in Germany, Italy, Spain and Austria to manage and optimise the charging costs of their electric vehicle fleets. In a first phase lasted several months, the service was tested on the German market and now more than 650 companies and fleet managers are using it.

The success of electric

The number of electric vehicles in European fleets is increasing: already one out of seven cars in company fleets is fully or partially electric. This means that the share of electric cars is significantly higher in fleets than in the private market (Source: KfW Research, August 2023), mainly due to the legal framework and CO2 reduction policies that many companies have adopted. In this scenario, managing the charging of electric vehicles that are part of the fleet is becoming increasingly important. "The transition to electric mobility is changing the way companies organise their mobility" explains Giovanni Palazzo, CEO of Elli.

Charging flexibility

The management of an electric fleet differs from that of combustion vehicles, because the driver of a company car does not simply charge along the way; therefore, a solution with an integrated international billing system is needed, covering all charging options, from public fast-charging to private home charging. "Elli's hardware and software solutions are 'turnkey' and completely cover this use case" adds Palazzo. Elli Fleet Charging allows efficient and cost-effective fleet management, reducing the administrative workload for both employer and employee.

Three charging options

The software ensures complete cost transparency and visibility 24 hours a day. Company car drivers have three charging scenarios at their disposal: the first is the public network, at one of around 560,000 European points reachable via app, with simple payment processes (via RFID card) and billing; the second is home charging, with a digital reimbursement system that, in combination with an Elli Charger Pro smart wallbox, provides automatic and documented reimbursement of charging costs; together with its partner ChargeGuru (and in Italy also Telebit), Elli also offers an installation and maintenance service for the company wallbox at home. In the coming months Elli Fleet Charging will also be available for the third scenario, i.e. charging at work, with options for planning, installation and maintenance of standard and fast charging stations within the company.

Towards Europe

After the launch in Austria, Italy and Spain, the solution will be extended to other European countries. Those interested in testing the new Elli software free of charge can register online in just a few minutes at https://www.elli.eco/en/b2b/products/fleets. "As one of the leading mobility service providers in Europe, Elli ensures a seamless charging experience with the goal of reducing CO2 emissions for generations to come. Our vision is to become one of the leading international charging and energy providers” concludes Palazzo. 

Source: Volkswagen Group

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