Electric Friendly, a certification for zero emission tourism

Electric Friendly, a certification for zero emission tourism

The project promoted by Motus-E certifies commercial activities and accommodation facilities that provide customers with a charging point for electric vehicles, thus supporting sustainable tourism.

E-mobility does not only concern metropolises, city centres and daily commuting, but also a different approach to tourism, leisure and recreational activities. The focus on zero emissions, in fact, is not only limited to the choice of the car but requires an adequate attitude that considers every aspect of our lives.

For those who have already chosen to travel with an electric vehicle, it is certainly important to know the location of charging stations, but it is equally important to be able to plan a trip or a few hours of relax. This is why Motus-E has contributed to the new 'Hotels and Restaurants of Italy 2022' guide by the Italian Touring Club.


Being at the cutting edge

This edition of the guide includes the list of tourist facilities and restaurants mapped and ‘awarded’ by Motus-E with the Electric Friendly by Motus-E certification, based on the certification protocol drawn up together with eV-Now!, a private organisation working on research, development and promotion of electric mobility in Italy.

A total of 20 structures have received the Electric Friendly certification in the Touring Club guide. They gained it after demonstrating that they are at the cutting edge, aware of the importance of sustainability in every field and determined to ‘accompany’ the affirmation of a new mode of tourism. After all, tourists, especially those who drive electric vehicles, are increasingly concerned with environmental protection and prefer 0 km gastronomic proposals, hotels and restaurants with a low energy impact and possibly with a plastic-free approach.


The tourist sector

In detail, in order to obtain the Electric Friendly certification, businesses and public facilities must offer their customers the possibility of recharging their electric car on site through a charging station at their disposal. In addition to being included in the Italian Touring Club's 'Hotels and Restaurants of Italy 2022' guide, the structures that obtain the certification are also recognised by a window badge.

Sustainable mobility is a concrete response to the sustainability targets of the tourism sector, one of the most important in the country. Electric mobility is a new way of experiencing tourism in Italy, which goes hand in hand with the concepts of slow tourism, silence, and appreciation of our territories. It is necessary to offer a charging point in the tourist facilities”, explains Francesco Naso, Secretary General of Motus-E.


A comprehensive guide

Of course all Electric Friendly certified facilities are also visible on the Motus-E website. The certification covers not only hotels and restaurants, but also bars, museums, galleries, clothing shops and other businesses, which can thus demonstrate that they support a new way of experiencing tourism, providing added value for their customers.

The historic Touring Club Guide is about to reach its 30th anniversary, and in addition to aspects related to mobility, it once again confirms its support for territories. In this edition, compared to previous ones, the regions are described through the food and wine specialties they offer, suggesting typical products and dishes, quality shops, wine cellars with wine tastings, vinegar cellars, and shops for zero-km purchases.


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