E-mobility: Italian charging points mapped with Waze and Volkswagen

E-mobility: Italian charging points mapped with Waze and Volkswagen

A strategic partnership to make daily life easier for electric car owners, giving users the updated situation of the charging infrastructure.

The 2020 market figures confirm that electric mobility is growing rapidly in Italy. And in the last few days the Volkswagen ID.3 made its official debut in the Country – it is the first Volkswagen Group’s fully electric car based on the innovative MEB platform, a modular architecture designed and developed specifically for electric vehicles.

The Group’s objective is “electric for all�, which means boost the spread of e-mobility and making it accessible to millions.

Electric mobility on Waze

And that’s also the goal of the partnership between Volkswagen Italia and Waze, the social navigation app that brings together the world’s largest community of drivers.

In just three months, the app has mapped over 5,000 charging stations – with one or more charging points – all over Italy.

Now users of the free navigation app (140 million people worldwide) will be able to clearly identify charging infrastructure across Italy thanks to a pin with the Volkswagen logo and an ID.3-specific message.


Charging stations in an app

Searching for the nearest charging station is simple and straightforward: just use the special bar within the app.

This is a significant step forward in making charging infrastructure more visible and accessible – a crucial point for the development of electric mobility.

Source: Volkswagen Italia

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