Charging an Audi gets ever simpler at home and on the road

Charging an Audi gets ever simpler at home and on the road

Ready for e-tron home” is a solution dedicated to Audi e-tron owners, offering support for the installation and management of a private charging system, as well as the possibility to choose a wallbox in three different levels of charging capacity.

Charging the Audi e-tron at home is getting ever simpler thanks to “Ready for e-tron home”, a solution developed specifically by Enel X for the electric SUV.

Who drives an electric-car mainly charges it at home, generally overnight. In fact, the latest figures show that charging in users’ own garages or parking spaces accounts for almost 80% of the total. Now, thanks to the partnership between Audi and Enel X, users can install and manage their domestic charging infrastructure - Enel X’s JuiceBox - via a single service provider, – also gaining access to special rates.

Enel X's JuiceBox

Ready for e-tron home is an exclusive package for e-tron customers. It includes an inspection, advice on increasing the charging capacity of domestic electricity supply, the predisposition of the charging system, and the possibility to choose the Enel X’s JuiceBox in three different levels of charging capacity on alternating current (AC): 7.4 kW single-phase, 11 or 22 kW three-phase.

The JuiceBox is compact, 100% safe, and regulates energy intelligently, based on domestic consumption. The charging process can be checked instantly via the JuiceBox’s integrated LED; it can be managed through manual controls, or – in the Pro Cellular version – remotely with your smartphone.

The 7.4-kW and 11-kW versions of the JuiceBox fully charge Audi e-trons in one night, while the 22-kW version only requires four hours. Audi’s electric SUVs can also be charged using direct current (DC) with power outputs of up to 150 kW – a benchmark value for fully electric SUVs, providing 80% of range capacity in less than half an hour.

A single card throughout Europe

When switching from private to public infrastructure, the Audi e-tron Charging Service can be used at over 180,000 refuelling stations in 25 European countries, including Enel X’s public network – the most widespread in Italy. The convenience is obvious: a single card connected to one charging contract is all you need. Enel X will install 28,000 charging points in Italy by 2022, with 10,500 already operating. They include 22 kW charging points (quick), and 50 kW (fast) and 350 kW (ultrafast) charging stations.

Also the EVA+ project, co-financed by the European Commission, which Volkswagen Group Italia is participating in with Audi and Volkswagen, is part of the program. EVA+ includes the installation of 180 fast charging points on major Italian roads. The first 110 are already operating and can charge e-trons in around two hours.

Towards CO2‚ neutrality

Enel X and Volkswagen Group are also members of the IONITY joint venture, a project aimed at the installation of an ultrafast charging infrastructure in Italy, which currently boasts 14 active stations – 57 charging points overall. The goal is to extend the European rapid charging network to 400 charging stations.

By 2025, Audi will bring 20 fully electric models to market and make its production sites carbon neutral. In addition, the brand with the four rings will reduce CO2 emissions over the entire life cycle of its vehicles by 30% compared to 2015. Its ultimate objective is to become 100% carbon neutral by 2050.

SourceVolkswagen Group Italia

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