Certified green energy for charging the Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.4

Certified green energy for charging the Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.4

A partnership between Volkswagen Italia and PLT puregreen allows anyone buying an ID. model to have a 100%-green domestic energy supply from certified renewable sources. This ensures the car’s carbon neutrality continues from the production-to-delivery phase into the usage phase.

Becoming the world leader in electric mobility and setting an example in terms of sustainability means reducing the all-round environmental impact of cars. For this reason promoting renewable energy is as crucial as technological innovation. These premises led to the partnership between Volkswagen Italia and PLT puregreen, an Italian company operating for many years in the renewable energy sector. The collaboration gives Italian customers who buy a model from the ID. range the chance to use energy produced by PLT energia wind farms for their domestic supply.

The initiative ensures that, after the production-to-delivery phase, the Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.4’s carbon neutral footprint is maintained into daily use. The ID. models are made in the Zwickau plant in Germany, which has net-zero CO2 emissions.

Becoming carbon neutral

By 2025, Volkswagen will launch more than 20 fully electric models; it will also make substantial investments in electric mobility and convert production in many plants towards this technology.

The ID.3 and ID.4 are milestones of the Way To Zero strategy which will see Volkswagen become carbon neutral by 2050, in line with the principles of the Paris Climate Agreement. The two cars are not just carbon neutral in production terms – the delivery phase is also carbon neutral. And for lithium-ion battery cells too – whose production requires a lot of energy – only power coming from renewable sources is used.


Renewable and affordable energy

The Volkswagen and PLT puregreen offer is available to anyone purchasing a model from the ID. range: the deal is priced affordably and also includes a discount on the supply of wind energy.

Choosing to use 100%-green energy for cars means protecting the climate, creating the strongest possible connection between driver, car and environment.


Full Green and ID. Charger

The PLT puregreen Full Green Offer is perfect for domestic charging and comes with a fixed price for the energy part of the supply, guaranteeing stability against energy price volatility. What’s more, anyone purchasing a Volkswagen ID.3 or ID.4 has the right to a monthly discount of 5.50 Euros + VAT for the energy part of their bill for 24 months – that’s equivalent to 5,000 km for free, with zero emissions.

ID. customers can also use the ID. Charger, an innovative wallbox offered by Elli, the Volkswagen Group company that provides charging solutions. The ID. Charger allows alternating current (AC) charging up to 11 kW and is compatible with all Volkswagen electric cars, as well as those from other manufacturers with type 2 connectors.

In addition to the entry-level version, available at 499 Euros, the ID. Charger Connect and Pro also come with Wi-Fi connection, Ethernet or LTE telephony. This allows users to access the wallbox directly from their smartphone, using the We Connect ID. application to manage charging remotely.

SourceVolkswagen Italia


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