Audi e-tron Scooter combines an e-scooter with a skateboard

Audi e-tron Scooter combines an e-scooter with a skateboard

A 20 km range while weighing just 12 kg: Audi’s new mobility concept is perfect for the last-mile, and easy to carry.

Urban mobility is ever-increasingly multi-modal, and Audi is responding to these trends with a cutting-edge new product: the Audi e-tron Scooter, combining the advantages of the electric scooter and the skateboard, is designed for dynamic users. Its light weight (just 12 kg) means the e-scooter can be easily carried by car, bus or train – just fold it up and pull it like a trolley bag. But the real distinctive feature of the e-tron Scooter is the way it is driven: conceptually, it is very much like surfing. The rider always has one hand free, and so is able to look around and give hand signals.

"Carving" on the asphalt

The Audi e-tron Scooter is an interesting option in the field of micromobility. It is aimed at those who move around town and want to do so in a sustainable, multi-modal manner, but without leaving style and functionality behind.

Riders keep one hand on the handlebar, and control the scooter like a skateboard with their feet by shifting their weight. The movable axles with four wheels allow unusually tight curves, and it is precisely by “carving” on asphalt that users will get the surfing feeling.


Up to 20 km/h

The steering handle gives stability and carries a display showing the battery status. Acceleration and braking are managed by means of a twist grip. The range is 20 km, achieved through regenerative braking, while the hydraulic foot brake contributes to safety. The maximum speed is 20 km/h.

The Audi e-tron Scooter, which will be available as an optional extra for those purchasing an Audi e-tron (and can be recharged via a dedicated socket in the trunk), is the ideal means of transport for the so-called last mile, for example from a car park to the final destination.


On sale in 2020

The Audi e-tron Scooter will go on sale by late 2020 for about 2,000 Euros, equipped with the legally required LED lights: a headlight, daytime running light, rear light and brake light.

A Bluetooth interface allows adjustment to suit the user’s riding style, and provides protection against theft.


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