A time travel... right to the city of tomorrow

A time travel... right to the city of tomorrow

Autostadt, the Volkswagen Group’s headquarters, hosts the exhibition “Urban Mobility of the Future”; at its heart is a spectacular miniature model of a megacity.

Autonomous cars chauffeur their passengers silently through the streets, X-shuttles take commuters to their workplaces in the city centre, driverless trucks line up for efficient goods transport; green spaces dominate instead of car parks, and the skyscrapers have green façades instead of depressing, ugly concrete. It is not utopia, but rather a vision of the city of the future – as imagined by Volkswagen Group experts – that could soon become reality thanks to technological innovations. Visitors to the Autostadt in Wolfsburg can take a look at the city of tomorrow until September 30th, 2018 – at the exhibition “Urban Mobility of the Future”.

The mobility of the future on twelve square metres

It is an environment where architecture puts people first and where offices, production facilities and shops promote efficient working. Here, the transport infrastructure ensures comfortable and sustainable mobility with electrically powered, autonomous vehicles. The city of the future has been built as a 3x4-metre miniature city (scale 1:87), which shows everyday life in a metropolis of tomorrow according to a vision considered realistic by urban and traffic planners as well as digital experts and engineers.


New forms of mobility

The model shows how quality of life in urban areas can improve: through new mobility solutions such as SEDRIC, networked platooning trucks from MAN or the Pop.up Next modular flying car designed by Audi, Italdesign and Airbus. In addition to the miniature city, the exhibition also features one of the youngest members of the SEDRIC model family: the Nightlife version (for the first time in Europe, after its debut in China) is the perfect means of transport for young night owls who want to enjoy the party atmosphere as they safely and conveniently travel to the club of their choice

Intelligent infrastructure

The exhibit “Autonomous Driving and Sustainability” gives visitors a taster of the technologies which will provide safe, comfortable, low-emission mobility in the cities of the future. Permanent networking, artificial intelligence, high-resolution maps, cameras and sensors enable a self-driving system to precisely identify its environment, accurately assess different traffic situations and avoid accidents. Services such as car sharing and ride pooling will ensure that individual on-demand mobility is available at all times, even without your own vehicle.

FonteTOGETHER.net – Volkswagen AG

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