36,000 charging points to promote e-mobility

36,000 charging points to promote e-mobility

The Volkswagen Group will be installing 36,000 charging points around Europe by 2025 to allow drivers to travel long distances without range anxiety.

The path leading to mass electric mobility is made up of many different roads. One of these involves the development of charging infrastructure, which is essential to allow users to take on even long journeys without worries. For this reason, the Volkswagen Group is installing 36,000 charging points throughout Europe by 2025; 11,000 of these will be under direct control of the Volkswagen brand, as they will be installed at Volkswagen plants and at about 3,000 Volkswagen dealerships.

This initiative will be added to others already active in the field, such as the service “We Charge� and the supply of clean energy from renewable resources offered by Elli.

Like a smartphone

“The charging infrastructure will increasingly become the crucial factor for the rapid breakthrough of e-mobility. Charging an electric car must become just as easy and normal as charging a smartphone. This is why we need significantly more charging stations in public spaces and simple rules for the installation of private Wallboxes. Volkswagen intends to send out a signal and is becoming involved in the development of charging infrastructure at all levels,� says Thomas Ulbrich, Member of the Board of Management of the Volkswagen brand responsible for E-Mobility.


Charging locations

Estimates by Volkswagen indicate that 70 percent of all charging operations will be carried out at home or work in the future. With regards to this, Elli will be offering complete charging solutions both for companies and for consumers, ranging from Wallboxes to green energy installations. At Volkswagen plants throughout Germany, the brand will be installing about 4,000 charging points and many of these will be accessible to the public.

With Volkswagen’s “We Charge� service, customers will have access to more than 100,000 charging points throughout Europe in the future – in the medium term, the figure is set to rise to 150,000 charging points.


Volkswagen is also a member of most partnerships in this area, such as Ionity, promoting the installation of charging points along motorways. This will allow drivers of the ID. family to recharge at a fast charging station with 100-125 kW along their route.

In terms of urban areas, on the other hand, 28 fast charging stations are to be commissioned in Wolfsburg at the end of June – as part of the 80th anniversary celebrations of Volkswagen’s involvement with the city. Finally, Volkswagen is hoping for ever-greater government involvement and support in the expansion of the charging infrastructure, in part through tax deductions and incentives.

Source: Volkswagen 

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