Safe hybrid work: Cisco Webex app integrated in Audi infotainment

Safe hybrid work: Cisco Webex app integrated in Audi infotainment

High-quality audio, seamless connectivity, and distraction minimized while driving - it's all possible with the automotive version of the Webex app, integrated in the Group Application Store thanks to the partnership between CARIAD and Cisco.

Smart working and hybrid work models are increasingly popular; in recent years people have had more and more freedom in choosing not only how to work, but also where. And this kind of flexibility has led to innovative ways of collaboration, including scenarios such as meeting while on the go from the car. That's why CARIAD - the Volkswagen Group's software company - is partnering with Cisco to address users' needs to work while in the car by including Webex in the Group Application Store.

Indeed, this app is in high demand among users, who have high expectations for a safe and secure user experience. "We are excited to offer Volkswagen Group’s customers Webex meeting capabilities, that make hybrid work more convenient and adaptable", said Riclef Schmidt-Clausen, Senior Vice President Domain Intelligent Cockpit & Body at CARIAD.


Simplifying meetings

The Webex automotive app will be available through the in-vehicle app store; there will be no need to use a smartphone to set it up. So drivers will be able to switch seamlessly or interruption-free from Webex meetings on their devices to in-car meetings.

Audi is the first automotive brand to integrate Webex into the app store, available for selected models as of the 2024 Model Year; other Volkswagen Group brands will follow at a later time. "With our new Group Application Store we will offer users a vast variety of essential and popular apps, seamlessly connecting their car with their digital life. Together with Volkswagen Group brands and partners, we are taking the in-car digital experience to the next level, turning the car into a smart companion for drivers", Schmidt-Clausen added.

Functionality and safety

The automotive version of the Webex app has features designed to prioritize safety: when the car is in transit, the app goes into "audio only" mode to ensure that drivers participate in meetings without taking their eyes off the road. Instead, when the car is parked, drivers can enjoy the full collaboration experience by viewing meeting participants, shared content, and closed captioning.

Drivers will also benefit from Webex's built-in artificial intelligence features, which optimize voice and reduce noise. This will result in clean sound without disruptive background sounds such as roadway or construction noise.

The benefits of the connected car

"Our mission is to transform the connected car into another extension of the hybrid workplace. Partnering with leading companies such as Audi and CARIAD will empower users with a safe and seamless way to stay connected and be productive no matter where or how they work", explained Jeetu Patel, EVP and GM, Security & Collaboration at Cisco.

As of July 2023, the Application Store will be available for Audi A4, A5, Q5, A6, A7, A8, Q8, Q8 e-tron and e-tron GT in Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico and Overseas markets. The store consistently ensures that the applications integrated into the vehicle meet the Volkswagen Group's high safety requirements.

Source: CARIAD

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