Mobility Advisor, moving around the city in an (artificially) intelligent manner

Mobility Advisor, moving around the city in an (artificially) intelligent manner

This app developed by SEAT and IBM is based on cloud technology and uses artificial intelligence to identify the best route to take and which means of transport to use.

Car, scooter, bike, electric scooter or public transport? It’s not always an easy choice to make. Luckily, now there’s ‘Mobility Advisor’, an app that helps you choose how to navigate the urban jungle every day. Developed by SEAT and IBM, it is based on the computing giant’s artificial intelligence platform called Watson, and has the potential to transform the way we move around cities. It is able to plan and optimise a given route and suggest the best mode of transport.

Cities are changing

“Traffic congestion and environmental challenges are putting huge pressure on cities to transform�, said Jordi Caus, SEAT’s Head of New Urban Mobility Concepts. “At SEAT we are leading the way by working with innovative cities and technology companies to come up with solutions to make mobility easier and more efficient. With its advanced cloud and AI technologies, IBM is helping us to find new approaches to mobility that will transform our business strategy while improving the lives of people living in urban areas�.


4G and 5G networks

The ‘Mobility Advisor’ app is currently under development and is designed to work both with current 4G technology and upcoming 5G networks. IBM’s Watson virtual assistant provides a conversational interface and allows users to plan and optimise their journeys, as it can learn each person’s preferences and make personalised recommendations.

Thanks to its connection to IBM’s cloud service, it dynamically adapts to both traffic and weather conditions, as well as to things happening in the city that day. It incorporates the user’s appointments and historical data about previous choices in order to suggest the best modes of transportation each time. This could mean that in a given situation SEAT Minimò could be the most suitable choice, while in another the SEAT eXS KickScooter.


Contextualised services

“With the roll-out of 5G networks in cities in the coming years, the possibilities for transforming the driver experience are limitless,� said Juan Ramon Gutierrez Villar, Industry Solutions Leader, IBM Global Markets. “At IBM, we are working with telecommunications companies and innovative manufactures like SEAT to provide the open technologies which they need to deliver on this vision and create highly contextualized and personalized user experiences that work at lightning speed across multiple clouds and IT platforms�.

Source: SEAT S.A.

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