Drive Booster: the new frontier for ultra-fast charging

Drive Booster: the new frontier for ultra-fast charging

Volkswagen Group Components and E.ON have developed an innovative ultra-fast charging station, equipped with lithium-ion batteries and easy to install anywhere. Low-cost and flexible, it can charge two electric vehicles simultaneously with a charging power of up to 150 kilowatts.

Establishing an extensive public network of ultra-fast e-vehicle charging stations can now take place much faster than was previously assumed. The collaboration between Volkswagen Group Components and E.ON - a leading European energy provider - has led to the prototype of a new ultra-fast charging station.

By integrating a lithium-ion battery system, it will be possible to install charging stations almost anywhere at low cost and without the need for additional infrastructure.

Flexible technology

The new technology paves the way for a larger number of ultra-fast charging points to be installed wherever they are needed. E.ON is seeing demand for this solution from municipal utilities and local authorities as well as from filling stations and service areas. In addition, the charging stations are effective for the electrification of retail parking lots and for logistics companies. The technology meets all the requirements for financial support under both EU and German regulations.

Plug & play

The stations are installed according to the plug & play principle – simply put them down, connect and configure online. The system can charge two electric vehicles simultaneously with up to 150 kilowatts of power, meaning drivers can set off again following a brief stop. To ensure that the battery installed in the charging station maintains sufficient capacity, it uses a permanent feed from a conventional 16 to 63 ampere power connection. All the chargers will operate solely from energy from renewable sources. Updates, remote maintenance and billing of the charging points will be carried out via E.ON's central software platform.


Innovative approach

The business model was developed jointly by Volkswagen Group Components and E.ON. The hardware component is an innovation designed by the automotive company combined with E.ON's operating system and market knowledge. Volkswagen Group Components will start series production of the charging stations in the second half of this year. In the meantime the charging points will be tested at six motorway filling stations and then launched on the German market under the name E.ON Drive Booster.



From left: E.ON Board of Management member Karsten Wildberger and Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Group Components Thomas Schmall

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