“Audi Mobile Maintenance�: an app for the systems maintenance

“Audi Mobile Maintenance�: an app for the systems maintenance

Some 150 maintenance staff at the Audi plant in Ingolstadt will receive digital support from an app, helping them to work faster and more efficiently. The initiative will also be rolled out to other plants.

Whenever production equipment or machinery is due for maintenance to ensure continued high performance or a defect is reported, the maintenance experts are called into action. Their aim is to lose as little time as possible and get the equipment up and running again quickly so that automobile production can continue smoothly.

To do so, the technicians need comprehensive and precise information in a very short timescale. The dedicated “Audi Mobile Maintenance� app makes this possible and marks a turning point in this area. It informs the maintenance staff instantaneously and in full about defects in a system.

Speed and efficiency

By way of push notifications, the app provides them with all of the relevant information for their work in real time: Which equipment in which hall is affected? In which warehouse is a replacement available? And is another employee perhaps dealing with it already?

All this information can be viewed in the app in just a few clicks. This results in greater transparency, faster and shorter processes and high data quality, as the defects and the work steps carried out are recorded digitally on site by the maintenance staff. This also saves on paper for writing reports and will allow all data to be permanently accessible to the whole team using mobile technology.



The “Audi Mobile Maintenance� app was developed by a cross-site team from Assembly and IT. Maintenance staff have already been working with the app occasionally on a trial basis for several months in assembly at the Ingolstadt plant as well as in the paint shop at the Neckarsulm plant.

The app is to be rolled out there and in other Audi plants in the coming months.

Source: AUDI AG

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