TDI, CNG and mild hybrid: Volkswagen’s engines of the future

TDI, CNG and mild hybrid: Volkswagen’s engines of the future

Mild hybrid drives with 48V technology, new high-tech diesel engines that will also be available as hybrid variants and what is currently the world’s most cutting-edge natural gas drive. These are the highlights presented by the Group at the Vienna Motor Symposium, the most important event for what concerns engines and drive train technology. They will go into production and will allow Volkswagen to meet the CO2 fleet emissions target of 95 g/km prescribed in the EU as of 2020.

2.0 TDI EA288 Evo

The new EA288 Evo 2-litre TDI engines range is bringing the diesel engine into the future. Improvements in the combustion process and an upgraded turbocharger response allow for lower fuel consumption and emissions, while the exhaust aftertreatment components – including DPF particulate filter and NOX treatment using SCR (selective catalytic reduction) – have been resized and improved to make them more effective and longer lasting. Moreover, friction and heat losses have been reduced, as well as the weight. This has allowed to cut the CO2 emissions  by 10 g/km compared to the predecessor generation, meaning they are now significantly below the current legislative limits, despite power and torque figures growing by up to 9%.Moreover, for the first time the four-cylinder 2.0 TDI will also be available in conjunction with hybrid systems; the EA288 Evo will already start as a mild hybrid drive with a 12V belt starter generator connected to a lithium-ion battery pack. This system reduces fuel consumption and emissions, while at the same time improving comfort. The new TDIs will have an output range from 136 to 204 HP, and meet the current and future emission stipulation for WLTP/RDE certification.


1.5 TGI Evo

The 1.5 TGI Evo (EA211 Evo) natural gas engine is based on the 1.5 TSI ACT BlueMotion. Direct fuel injection, the VTG turbocharger and the Miller TSI/TGI combustion process make it an extremely efficient engine. The new 130 HP 1.5 TGI Evo will be a linchpin in Volkswagen’s natural gas campaign, with the goal of further increasing the volume of CNG engines able to operate efficiently with virtually no particulate emissions, without forgetting that TGI engines can also be powered with fuels derived from natural sources, such as biogas and e-gas.

Mild Hybrid 48V

The 48V mild hybrid system will make its début in the next Golf generation, making hybrid mobility affordable to a wide customer base. This system drastically reduces fuel consumption and emissions, while at the same time offering dynamism and comfort thanks to the electric boost function. The new Golf will be the starting point for Volkswagen’s global electric initiative, which will see it gradually extend the electrification of its conventional drives to the entire fleet.

Source: Volkswagen AG

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