Madrid in Motion: an innovation hub for urban mobility

Madrid in Motion: an innovation hub for urban mobility

Private companies, institutions and start-ups are joining forces for the hub Madrid in Motion - an interesting concept aiming at developing innovative mobility solutions.

SEAT has joined Madrid in Motion, a multi-sector, public/private open innovation hub to which public and private organisations and individuals can contribute. The hub’s aim is to address the challenges of urban mobility by building a mobility ecosystem, generating innovative solutions that guarantee a positive impact on the future of cities and the lives of their inhabitants.

Sharing the knowledge

Although the hub’s focus is obviously on the Spanish capital, Madrid in Motion aims to become a model for similar projects throughout the world.

The initiative involves institutions, organisations, leading companies, start-ups and experts who co-create and combine knowledge and experience through a collaborative system to develop innovations that generate real value and impact on cities and society. SEAT is the first and only automotive manufacturer taking part in the project.

Open Call

Madrid in Motion is promoting an Open Call programme, involving the start-ups on different issues linked to urban mobility. The current calls include promoting ride sharing, developing voice identification and payment options, car sharing and connected cars, a common platform for managing and using charging points , sharing the charging stations, and solutions for optimising mobility services (MaaS).

The hub is based on a broad vision of urban mobility - not only seeking practical solutions, but stimulating people to change their mobility habits through the most advanced technologies.

Resources and creativity

This is the age of collaboration”, said Lucas Casasnovas, Head of SEAT Urban Mobility and General Manager of Respiro, SEAT's car sharing company.

We must be agile and disruptive in our way of working and initiatives such as Madrid in Motion provide us with the ideal platform. We can pool our resources and creativity with start-ups, businesses and public administrations in order to create sustainable urban mobility together”.

Resources and creativity

Innovation and transformation

Open innovation is one of the cornerstones of SEAT's strategy to further its 4.0 transformation. This is demonstrated by the company’s participation in various multi-sector initiatives, such as Madrid in Motion.

Another example is Start4big, a project promoted by SEAT and four other large companies to find the best start-ups with which to develop transformational technological solutions.

SourceSEAT S.A.

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