Škoda X, the hub specialized in digital services tailored for users

Škoda X, the hub specialized in digital services tailored for users

Škoda's digital innovation hub is evolving from a laboratory to a service provider for users, aiming to offer them added value and engaging experiences.

Škoda is committed to advance the digitization of its products and services, and to underscore this priority it has transformed Škoda Auto DigiLab into Škoda X. The Prague-based innovation hub takes a user-centric approach to play a key role in the development of Škoda digital services.

The letter "X" summarizes the principles that guide the innovation hub's activities: Exponentiality, Exploration and Expansion. Škoda X will intensify its scouting operations by specifically targeting European start-ups, actively seeking new ideas to achieve next level of speed and efficiency.

From the lab to the real world

As a new brand, Škoda X will support Škoda Auto's core business, focusing on the digitization of products and services. "With the transformation of Škoda Auto DigiLab into Škoda X, we are taking a significant step forward, moving from the lab to the real world. Škoda X will independently operate newly developed digital services, prioritizing learning from customer feedback. This approach will enable us to truly understand and meet users' needs and provide them with the services they desire", explains Martin Jahn, Škoda Auto Board Member for Sales and Marketing.


The user at the center of everything

The main goal of the Škoda Auto DigiLab was to develop new mobility services, while the aim of Škoda X will be to implement services in the real world through the introduction of innovative digital functions in Škoda vehicles. These will address the needs of its target user group, the "Contemporary Explorers."

The goal is to provide users with enhanced value and exciting experiences through a range of services, smart technologies, and solutions for testing, renting, and charging. For Škoda X, as well as for Škoda, the customer-centric approach is always key; current services are: Pay to Fuel, Pay to Park, Offers, HoppyGo, Citymove, DigiCert, and Charging Hub.

Pay to Park and Pay to Fuel

Pay to Park and Pay to Fuel are two services that allow cashless payment for both parking and refueling directly via the Škoda infotainment system, where the user's credit card information is stored. During refueling, the Pay to Fuel service uses the vehicle's GPS system to detect the location and prompts the customer to enter the pump number. This way there is no need to queue to pay, simplifying the process. The service is currently being tested in Germany, Denmark and Luxembourg; it will soon be introduced in other European countries.

The Pay to Park service, which is already available in Italy, on the other hand, automatically identifies the parking zone and handles payments independently; parking time can also be extended through the MyŠkoda Essentials app.



DigiCert is Škoda's digital certificate, available through Care Connect Remote Access, and provides users with a comprehensive range of vehicle data that can be particularly useful when selling the car. This includes vehicle identification, technical specifications, current mileage, prepaid services, warranty extensions, and the complete service history. By providing access to this information at any time, users do not need to go to the dealership and pay for individual certificates.

Once Škoda Connect Remote Access services are activated, DigiCert automatically records the vehicle's mileage on a weekly basis. The certification of vehicle characteristics offered by DigiCert thus also increases the value of the used car.


The Offers service allows Škoda users to receive real-time offers, while on the road, from selected partners. These offers are customized based on the vehicle's GPS location, frequently used routes, and other vehicle data. Partners include petrol stations, restaurants, stores and in certain markets Škoda dealers.

The offers are displayed directly in the vehicle's infotainment system so that customers can easily accept them by clicking on them or scanning a QR code from the display. The last step is receiving a barcode via mail or the MyŠkoda app, which can be redeemed for the desired product or service. The service will soon be available in Italy as well.


HoppyGo and Charging Hub

HoppyGo is Škoda's car sharing service that is becoming a versatile mobility platform that can also be used by dealerships to organize targeted test drives. With HoppyGo, users can, for example, test drive a Škoda Enyaq iV, so they can consider and make an informed choice about purchasing an electric vehicle.

Charging Hub is an energy storage system that uses recycled modules from end-of-life Škoda Enyaq iVs. It is a very efficient form of recycling that maximizes the residual capacity and extends the overall lifespan of the battery. In this way, batteries discarded from a vehicle can operate reliably for an additional ten years or more. In addition, energy storage facilitates the establishment of charging infrastructure in locations where building a large numbers of charging stations would be technically unfeasible.

Source: ŠKODA

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