CEBIT 2018: the digital future starts right now

CEBIT 2018: the digital future starts right now

Volkswagen Group showcases its digital potential at CEBIT 2018: a comprehensive know-how, that will bring to the adoption of new technologies for the development of products, services and corporate processes.

Volkswagen’s focus is on modernizing its IT systems as well as on developing digital solutions – both for customers and users within the company – that are even more convenient, safer and more efficient. In this context, the migration of all applications to cloud platforms is crucial: this way, Volkswagen is laying the foundations for the long-term shaping of digitalization.

Artificial intelligence, quantum computing and blockchain technology.

Volkswagen Group is focusing also on other key future technologies, like Artificial Intelligence.

At the Data:Lab in Munich, the Group’s AI competence center, more than 80 international specialists have already implemented more than 100 AI applications for vehicles, customer services and corporate processes. Specialists at Audi and Volkswagen Group Research are progressing with their development work in the field of machine learning systems for use in autonomous vehicles.

At the IT labs in San Francisco and Munich, highly specialized experts are working to develop the potential of quantum computers for applications that will be beneficial for the company. The main focus is on the refinement of traffic flow optimization and the simulation of materials. The first experimental projects are also concerned with possibilities of combining the potential of quantum computing and machine learning (quantum machine learning).

CEBIT 2018: the digital future is starting now

Within the Volkswagen Group, more and more brands and departments are testing blockchain technologies. The pilot projects range from improving the transparency and automation of supplier and logistics networks via the exchange of digital vehicle keys to establishing the "capacity for business" of self driving vehicles, allowing the vehicles to charge themselves, park or perform other errands (such as courier trips) "on their own behalf" in the near future.

Source: Volkswagen AG

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