Wolfsburg hosts first European course in automotive software engineering

Wolfsburg hosts first European course in automotive software engineering

The Volkswagen Group and other partners have created a new study program in software engineering, specifically conceived for IT needs related to the automotive and mobility industries.

Together with the "42" coding schools in Wolfsburg and Berlin and partners including Microsoft, Bosch and the Kookmin University in Seoul, the Volkswagen Group has established the SEA:ME degree program, which stands for Software Engineering in Automotive and Mobility Ecosystems. It is the first open education course in Europe for software engineering in the automotive and mobility sectors.

The aim of the new program, which will welcome the first students in July 2023, is to train highly qualified software specialists using modern peer learning methods and to develop open and sustainable standards for mobility and the transition to electric vehicles. In this way, the Volkswagen Group is making a significant contribution in the area of free education for the automotive and mobility industry.

Automotive and IT

"The Volkswagen Group is actively involved in finding solutions to the IT skills shortage in the mobility sector. With this project, we lead the development of a new, open education ecosystem for the sustainable future of mobility. Together with 42 Wolfsburg and other partners, we are implementing an innovative course at the Wolfsburg automotive hub that is precisely tailored to the needs of our industry. It is a unique initiative in Europe", said Gunnar Kilian, Chief Human Resources Officer of the Volkswagen Group, at the presentation of the SEA:ME course at the 42 Wolfsburg coding school.


Hands-on training

SEA:ME is the first European IT study program designed specifically for the automotive industry. With its combined focus on IT and automotive technology, this tuition-free course allows anyone with talent to gain in-depth knowledge in both areas in a practical, interdisciplinary environment.

The course is marked by a high level of practical training, thanks to partnerships with companies such as the Volkswagen Group, CARIAD, Microsoft and Bosch that give students the best preparation to start their automotive careers. All partners, including Kookmin University in Seoul, are working closely together to refine the course program and continuously develop its content. All materials used are open educational resources (OERs) and can be freely utilized by learners around the world.


Peer education

A special feature of the course is peer-to-peer education: students work in agile and independent teams on different learning projects, without professors or trainers. Experts from industry and science support students as " fellows" and ensure that the projects have a high degree of practical relevance.

Hauke Stars, Volkswagen Group Board of Management Member for IT, will take part in the program as a "distinguished fellow" to support the students: "I am convinced that companies should be active partners in the development of the training system, because they know very well what skills are needed. That is why we are involved in innovative learning programs that promote digital education, equal opportunities and inclusion".

The SEA:ME course is 12 months long, tuition-free, and will start in Wolfsburg on July 3, 2023. It is open to students with a bachelor's degree or training in a relevant field or with sufficient professional or other experience in programming. Selection is currently underway for the first class of students.

Source: Volkswagen Newsroom

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