The electric breakthrough at SEAT's Martorell plant

The electric breakthrough at SEAT's Martorell plant

For 30 years, the Martorell plant has been a symbol of SEAT's innovative spirit. The transformation required by electrification represents the beginning of a new era, not only for the product but also in terms of culture and education.

For 30 years, The Martorell plan has been the beating heart of SEAT S.A., a plant that has always been at the forefront of both technology and productivity. In the near future, 100% electric vehicles of the Volkswagen Group will be produced here. "We are in the midst of the most profound transformation in our history; it's the beginning of a new era, that of electrification " says Markus Haupt, Vice-President for Production and Logistics at SEAT S.A., as he walks through Line 1 in Martorell.

SEAT S.A. is accelerating operations to produce electric cars for the entire Group at its main site, nearby Barcelona, starting from 2025. This step is one of the pillars of the Future: Fast Forward project, which will turn Spain into a hub for electric mobility in Europe. But how  do SEAT S.A. employees experience this evolution?


Markus Haupt, Vice-President for Production and Logistics at SEAT S.A.

Constant innovation

"When I first entered the Martorell plant I was only 25 years old and I immediately thought it was a very special place: innovative, wide spaces and in line with the technological era that was about to begin" recalls Ramón Casas, current head of Body Shop on Line 1, who thirty years ago started working as a supervisor just after the plant  was inaugurated.

Martorell's innovative spirit has always remained a constant: "Throughout my career I have seen how the plant has been able to adapt to the times and keep up with technology, but I have never experienced  a transformation like this" Casas concludes. Haupt echoes him: "This change involves three fundamental aspects: firstly the product, which is the electric car; then the process to produce it; and finally our organization in terms of skills, mindset and culture."


Ramón Casas, head of Body Shop on Line 1

From training to specialization

Aida Pérez works in the 3D Printing Maintenance in Martorell. Her journey began at the SEAT Apprentice School with tool training, then continued for four years working in the printing lab in Martorell, where her passion for 3D design and printing developed.

"Being able to access specific training in this area  allowed me to evolve professionally and to direct my work toward what I really enjoy/like doing. Martorell has been the platform for my professional development" says Pérez,  demonstrating how technological transformation must go hand in hand with workforce training. "Individual evolution and progress have a positive effect on collective transformation" Haupt explains.


Aida Pérez, 3D Printing Maintenance

The electric future

"In addition to adapting to the automotive market, the transformation of Martorell towards electrification is essential to maintain the innovative spirit of SEAT S.A. and this site" adds Haupt.

"After 30 years of  prestigious achievements, for me the most important one will be to see the new electric car line in operation" remarks Ramón Casas. Aida Pérez adds, " if you are determined and ambitious you can achieve anything you want, and now is time to move into the future." "The future? Electric, digital and sustainable, but above all powered by people" Haupt concludes.

Source: SEAT S.A.

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