Learning to programme with gamification

Learning to programme with gamification

Learning how to use different programming languages andresolving challenges via a gamification platform. This is how young professionals get ready for the future of the automotive sector at SEAT training centre.

The SEAT Apprentice School has implemented an innovative way of teaching software programming through the language of videogames, in order to prepare its students for the future of the industry. Students have to solve challenges, through a gamification platform, every day for 15 minutes during the three years duration of the course, complementing their weekly classroom sessions with software programming experts.

Gaming and training

The training method is easy, intuitive and encourages continuing education. Through the CodeLearn platform, the students have to solve daily challenges in Phyton, Java or Unity languages. As they advance through the program, they accumulate points that help them pass the course at the end. They also have access to a support teacher they can contact through the platform to help them with any doubts about the assignments. With this system, students follow a gamification method to naturally learn different programming languages, key skills for their professional future where industry and vehicles will be fully connected and digitalised.


Preparing for the future

The SEAT Apprentice School has been a benchmark in vocational training in Spain since its inauguration in 1957, and has trained more than 2,700 professionals over the years. Today it is on the cutting edge in preparing students to meet the requirements of future mobility and to work in the industry 4.0. All of the current students, a total of 169, have a full-time remunerated training contract, and once they have successfully completed their studies they will join SEAT with an open-ended work contract.

The apprentices have 5,000 class hours, equally divided between classroom studies and practical work. According to SEAT Vice-president for Human Resources Xavier Ros, “We predict a future where knowing how to program will be equally necessary for industry professionals as being familiar with the components of an engine or knowing different languages. With this program, we are improving these young people’s chances of entering the labour market�.

Source: SEAT S.A.


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