ŠKODA and the digital vocational training

ŠKODA and the digital vocational training

The ŠKODA Academy has significantly boosted its online training offering. Students, trainees and employees can benefit from a constantly expanding virtual training programme, which also includes specific courses on electric mobility.

ŠKODA AUTO responded quickly, efficiently and pragmatically to the COVID-19 pandemic by digitalising its training and professional development courses. “Our trainees, students and employees have been able to conveniently continue their training from home. This means the transfer of knowledge is ensured, even during a pandemic,” said a satisfied Bohdan Wojnar, ŠKODA AUTO Board Member for Human Resources.

“Last year, our ŠKODA Academy proved that it can live up to its educational mission even under difficult circumstances. Since 2013 we have made significant investments in training programmes and technological equipment – all of which is now paying off” added Alois Kauer, Head of the ŠKODA Academy.

Online training

In 2020, 4,100 people completed an IT course, with many more undertaking training in electric mobility; the range of digital vocational training and professional development programmes is constantly expanding.

When production in the Czech plants was halted during the first wave of the pandemic, training programmes were also suspended. In response, the ŠKODA Academy digitalised its courses and focused on live webinars. It was able to do this rapidly and efficiently because ŠKODA AUTO had already invested in the equipment required for distance learning.



To support employees and managers in the transition to remote working, ŠKODA AUTO has launched the #STRONGERTOGETHER project. In addition to technology, ŠKODA has provided its staff with the relevant materials, guides and further training opportunities they need to efficiently adapt to working remotely.

Managers are also learning new techniques to guide their teams through these changing conditions and the ŠKODA Academy has produced manuals and launched courses to support them.

Electric mobility

The COVID-19 pandemic did not halt the training programmes focusing on electric mobility. Since 2016, more than 16,500 people have completed the courses, which are also offered to suppliers.

For the past four years all trainees from the vocational school have undergone electric mobility training specifically tailored to their line of work and, in 2020, ŠKODA AUTO established another course on electric vehicles, which more than 700 participants have already completed.

IT training

Throughout this digital transformation, IT training has become even more important. For this reason, ŠKODA offers dedicated IT training programmes, available for all levels of knowledge and specialisation.

For example, employees can train to become junior data analysts. ŠKODA also looks at current training trends; it uses live formats with gamification elements in e-learning, with DEON providing a platform for virtual collaboration.


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