Heroes, innovation at the service of sustainable mobility

Heroes, innovation at the service of sustainable mobility

The call for ideas for university students launched by Volkswagen Group Italia has generated some interesting projects. Its goal: sustainable urban mobility.

All-round innovation is one of the taglines of “Heroes, meet in Maratea”, the event which brought together over 2,000 people. Business leaders, creatives, startuppers, business angels, investors and VIP guests all came together for a future-oriented exchange of ideas.

It was a lively environment rich in ideas, in which Stefano Sordelli, Volkswagen Group Italia’s Future Mobility Manager, summarised automotive trends. Electric mobility, the Volkswagen Group’s strategy for achieving net-zero emissions, and the current and future scenarios were the focus of the discussions.

Technological innovation clearly plays a key role in the transition, but what is really at the centre of change are people. And it is precisely for this reason that Volkswagen Group Italia has launched a call for ideas aimed at university students of all fields, with the goal of encouraging the ideation of new projects and potential solutions for improving mobility in our cities.

At Heroes, the teams which made it to the final presented their ideas to a jury of experts. The winner of the contest was Vibra, an on-demand carpooling project developed by Carlos Miguel Ramos Cobo, Gerardo Gervasio, Gaia Salizzoni, Alex Messori and Atif Choski. Watch the video below!

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