Digital training and gamification for CUPRA Masters

Digital training and gamification for CUPRA Masters

The CUPRA Master Challenge 2021 gathered 1,000 participants, who were engaged in digital training for four weeks. At the end, only one was elected the best CUPRA Master in the world.

The CUPRA Masters, the brand's specialists and salespeople, are a key resource for CUPRA, as they are the main point of contact with customers and provide them with their knowledge and experience.

This is why CUPRA's global sales network has been specially trained for the market launch of the Born, the brand's first 100% electric car. The CUPRA Master Challenge 2021 was an original formula for training: a virtual competition lasting four weeks and consisting of more than 100 tests, involving 1,000 participants from 43 countries. Among all, only one was elected the best CUPRA Master in the world.

Digital training and gamification

The training was not limited to the time normally expected for an event of this type, but extended over four weeks. A period in which participants were trained not only on the product and electrification, but were able to engage with the rest of the CUPRA Tribe to share experiences and test their expertise.

The aim was to create engagement in our Masters, improving brand and Born awareness by using gamification, personalization and digitalization in order to offer the best experience to customers”, explains Khaled Soussi, Head of DND & Customer Experience at CUPRA. The digital world 'calls' for new training concepts: already last year, the preparation for the launch of Formentor was done through a virtual platform.


The CUPRA Tribe for the CUPRA Born

For Born, another step was achieved, not only to ensure full knowledge of the model, but also to enhance the feeling of belonging to the CUPRA Tribe. The first step was an event where participants were introduced to and discussed the strategy with the President and CUPRA managers.

This was followed by a more personal and gamified study phase through the Tribe App, with over 70 multimedia capsules filled with content and various tests through which participants could earn points for the final phase. In the closing event, the CUPRA Masters put their knowledge to the test by challenging each other online to determine the best: the winner was Raúl Font from Spain, who successfully completed 12 rounds, answering 82 questions.


Creating emotions with digital

The competition was a great success, with peaks of 1,500 people from 43 different countries simultaneously connecting to the CUPRA Master Convention 2021 to follow the final. “It is important to bring all CUPRA Tribe members together, regardless of distance, and the digital world enables us to do that”, says Olivia van Dalen, Head of CUPRA Tribe.

The event confirmed the key role of digitalization and technology in creating emotions, which fits perfectly with CUPRA's digital native values: “We want to attract the next generation of customers and to do so we have to speak their language. With these virtual experiences, which we will continue to build on, we go beyond boundaries combining the real and virtual worlds. We will create a place where everyone can choose who they want to be, how they want to be and what they want to do”, concludes Antonino Labate, Director of Strategy, Business Development and Operations at CUPRA.

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