Creating the ideal environment for IT systems: the cloud architect

Creating the ideal environment for IT systems: the cloud architect

The Volkswagen Group relies on cloud computing. For this reason, the company needs people like Hischam Abul Ola, cloud architect at the IT City.

Since the Volkswagen Group began using cloud computing around two and a half years ago, its IT systems have been gradually moved to the cloud, where new applications are also developed. Day by day, this technology is becoming increasingly important.

the cloud architect

The development of Volkswagen cloud architectures is in the hands of IT experts like Abul Ola. Cloud architects are the generalists in the IT departments, whose job it is to develop suitable cloud strategies and set up IT environments so that users feel at home in them. Cloud architects need technical competence, knowledge of programming languages such as Java or Python as well as a computer scientist’s know-how and a basic understanding of the processes needed to store, link and structure data.

Abul Ola and his team work in the IT City, the campus-like location built by the Volkswagen Group north of its Wolfsburg plant for 1,500 employees. It is here that most of the company’s IT and digitization activities are performed. The current project is the development of a strategy to further increase the number of IT systems in the cloud. This migration means that in the future, it will be possible to use and develop them even faster and more securely.

The goal, according to Abul Ola: “We want to develop applications and systems that are easy to operate”. One example is the Volkswagen car configurator, which was migrated into the cloud one and a half years ago, with tangible benefits for all users. This is because, especially in the evening when far more people have the time to use it, greater capacity can be made available to the program through the cloud so that everything continues to run smoothly. The keyword here is elasticity.

The cloud is also changing the way people work. “Agile methods enable fast and efficient solutions”, he explains. “They allow quick adaptations to new requirements. Our motto is: plan less, do more”.

As a cloud architect, Abul Ola works to configure the right solution for each task with a suitable technology stack. “Thanks to the cloud, infrastructure is no longer a bottleneck”. – Volkswagen AG

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