Audi Virtual Training: learning is… child’s play!

Audi Virtual Training: learning is… child’s play!

Developing new skills in order to better manage different situations, thanks to a videogame: the new frontier in learning is the Audi Virtual Training. Let’s see how it works.

Gaining knowledge in a fun and alternative way: this is the goal of Audi Virtual Training, a “learning while gaming� digital training program intended for the showrooms salespeople, allowing them to practise their conversational skills and to better face various situations they experience on a daily basis with customers.

Virtual reality

Developers from five well-known gaming agencies have been working on Audi Virtual Training since 2014. This photorealistic open-world gaming concept is set a virtual showroom, where the gamer’s avatar can move freely. The simulation also features realistic conversational situations from everyday work life in the sales and service departments; the questions and answers are derived from real conversations, and by choosing between different possible responses, the user influences the conversation; a high level of technical knowledge and precision in managing information is therefore required.

Human reactions

Equally realistic are the customers, who react very humanly in terms of their facial expressions and gestures, for example crossing their arms and looking on disapprovingly. The conversations don’t appear stilted or artificial. Audi Virtual Training is flexible and can be used outside of working hours, as it is designed for all mobile devices. It is also possible to play different roles within the company, for example the service manager holding feedback sessions with the employees regarding difficult customer cases.


Improving learning performance

The inherent play instinct of every human eases the learning of complex topics: everybody knows how easily a computer game can enthral you, and so with Audi Virtual Training, learning becomes easier and more fun for the showroom employees. The aim is them wanting to do the training, not them having to participate.

New challenges, new possibilities

The Audi world is becoming more and more complex, just like customer requirements, but digitization opens up new challenges and possibilities. Whether it is a conversation with a customer, with colleagues or with the boss, the goal of Virtual Training is to improve communication at least in part through experimenting with completely new approaches. Users have an immediate feedback on the effectiveness of their strategy thanks to a “barometer� which shows the interlocutor’s level of satisfaction.

The use of this innovative “gamification� approach means employees quickly learn to better react to individual customer needs and feel like they are a crucial part of the company: this is essential, because only those that are excited about their jobs are able to excite the customer.

So far, over 550 partners and car dealerships have already booked the Audi Virtual Training; it has been activated on 137 of 340 devices, and the initial feedback is very positive.

Source: AUDI Blog

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