Terms and conditions of use

With these terms and conditions, Volkswagen Group Italia S.p.A. (a company subject to management and coordination by Volkswagen AG) wishes to inform users of certain legal aspects. 

1. Information concerning fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

The fuel/electric energy consumption and CO2 emissions of a vehicle do not depend only on engine performance but are also influenced by driving style and other non-technical factors. Carbon dioxide is the greenhouse gas primarily responsible for global warming. Labels, posters and promotional material disseminated by Volkswagen Group Italia S.p.A. comply with the requirements of Presidential Decree no. 84 of 17.02.2003, a Regulation implementing Directive 1999/94/EC. The declared values are calculated in accordance with WLTP Regulation (Regulation UE 2017/1151 and next amendments). The CO2 emissions values (combined) are relevant for verification purposes related the possible application and the calculation of Ecotax/Ecobonus. For further information concerning official fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of new cars, the Guide on fuel saving and CO2 emissions, updated annually, is available at every dealer and also online. 

2. Information and guarantees on trademarks and products

The information contained on the websites of Volkswagen Group Italia S.p.A. are prepared by the latter, based on the Terms and Conditions of Use of the websites of Volkswagen AG. The information concerning the trademarks and products of Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles contained on the websites of Volkswagen Group Italia S.p.A., i.e. www.volkswagengroup.it, www.volkswagen.it, www.audi.it, www.seat-italia.it, www.cupraofficial.it, www.skoda-auto.it, www.volkswagen-veicolicommerciali.it (hereinafter “Websites”) are purely indicative of certain general characteristics of the same and do not in any way replace the specific descriptions that the Manufacturer and/or the Seller are legally bound to communicate. Therefore, we invite Users to always contact Companies of the Network to be informed on the specific characteristics of each individual product and the price in force at the time of purchase -which will in turn be subject to negotiation - as well as on the availability of the individual product at the time of the order. Any data and information found on said Websites is to be considered purely indicative. All information transmitted - such as design, conditions of sale, prices, etc. – is subject to change by Volkswagen Group Italia S.p.A.. The images present on the Websites may represent vehicles merely indicative of the range with accessories and options not provided as standard but at the request of the buyer. 
Volkswagen Group Italia S.p.A. does not guarantee the accuracy of information regarding future trends, events or prototypes, being information subject to variable and often unpredictable factors. Volkswagen Group Italia S.p.A. does not accept any liability in the event of substantial changes to that previously disclosed via this website, nor does it undertake to implement that contained on this website. 

3. Links and information provided by partners

The information and communications contained in other portals and which may be accessed via a link on one of the Websites are exclusively subject to the terms and conditions of use of the portals concerned. 
The information provided by our partners via links on the Websites are subject to the terms and conditions of the partners in question; the inclusion on the Websites of links by partners that refer to their websites does not imply any recommendation to the user and in any case Volkswagen Group Italia S.p.A. is not responsible for their content. Our partners do not act on behalf of Volkswagen Group Italia S.p.A.. 
The Websites may contain links to websites managed by third parties. Volkswagen Group Italia S.p.A. does not make any claim of ownership of third-party websites, accessible via links, and is not responsible for their content. 
It is forbidden to insert hyperlinks in Websites without the prior approval of the latter. Volkswagen Group Italia S.p.A. reserves the right to prohibit the insertion of links. 

4. Use of services

By using the Websites the user undertakes to comply with all intellectual property rights, by way of example and not limited to rights relating to copyright, trademarks and drawings. All Websites, as well as everything contained therein, including images and music, are the property of Volkswagen Group Italia S.p.A.. 
Therefore, trademarks, both images and text, appearing on the Websites may not be reproduced, modified or used without the prior written consent of Volkswagen Group Italia S.p.A.. 
Volkswagen Group Italia S.p.A. does not accept any liability whatsoever for the illegitimate use by third parties of that contained in the Websites. 
The user, in accessing the Websites, shall not engage in any conduct that may cause damage or malfunction to the Websites themselves. 

5. Message sending security

Anyone wishing to send an e-mail from their private mailbox is required to take all the necessary security measures to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of its content. Volkswagen Group Italia S.p.A. shall not be liable for any breach by third parties of the content of e-mails or loss of data during transmission of the same. 

6. Change in the range of services and terms and conditions of use

Volkswagen Group Italia S.p.A. reserves the right to change the Websites or change their functionalities, in whole or in part, at any time. 
Also these Terms and Conditions of Use may be changed over time by Volkswagen Group Italia S.p.A. as a result of new industry regulations or in the presence of technological innovations. The same applies in the case of new services offered by Volkswagen Group Italia S.p.A. justifying a change in the Websites. 
Therefore, the User is invited to periodically consult the Websites. 

7. Privacy Policy

For the processing of personal date of the webste users, please consulting the dedicated privacy policy at the following link.

8. Applicable law

These terms and conditions have been drawn up in compliance with Italian law.