“Always Learning� – tailor-made training for the professionals of tomorrow

“Always Learning� – tailor-made training for the professionals of tomorrow

In 2018, SEAT invested 21 million Euros in training, setting more than 150 courses in motion and increasing the number of programmes related with the transformation of the sector by 237%.

The Volkswagen Group’s Spanish brand is endorsing the professional development of its employees: this is why it has launched “Always Learning�, an innovative, customised training programme with more than 150 courses available to all its professionals. The company’s more than 15,000 employees can freely choose what to study – no direct relation to their current job or particular prerequisites are necessary.

The goal of this initiative is to provide the entire workforce with the tools to take on the new challenges of the automotive industry: the transformation of mobility does not just require new products, infrastructure and services, but also and above all a different approach to production, in which training plays an ever-more important role.

Digitalisation and new technologies

This programme, the only one of its kind in Europe, is aimed at all employees and rounds out SEAT’s training offer in the areas of digitalisation and new technologies. “At SEAT, we are aware that in the future there will be a whole range of professions that still do not exist today and our people have to be ready for them,� explains Laura Carnicero, Responsible for Training at SEAT. “With this programme we can stimulate employees’ individual motivations, taking their professional growth to the next level.�

“Always Learning� enhances SEAT’s educational possibilities, representing the third pillar underpinning its global training strategy – alongside honing the skills needed by employees in their current job, and specific preparation for future professions.


Customized and on-demand courses

With “Always Learning�, the available courses on the most cutting-edge topics have increased by 237%, and over 1,000 employees signed up in the first three weeks. Participants who complete a course will obtain the corresponding certification, which SEAT will add to their career details. “Always Learning� sees more than 150 courses initially being offered, ranging from technical programmes in data science and machine learning to agile methodologies and project management. The number and nature of courses can be adapted to the specific needs of each professional.

The programme has two didactic approaches – one group of courses is typically of short duration and dynamic, focussing on the skills required by employees to enhance their career profile, while the second group features longer, more advanced level courses, comparable to university classes.


IT skills

But that’s not all: SEAT recently implemented the Digital Skills Program, which aims to improve the technological skills of its employees. This involves participants being assessed on their IT skills to create a customised training programme for each of them, enabling them to progress at their own pace and from their own starting level of knowledge.

Source: Volkswagen AG

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